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Newsletter Subject Index 2006-2007

January 2006

    • Aging in Style— Maybe to 100 with sensible care
    • You’ll Get the Truth Only If There Is Money To Be Made—Heart Surgery
    • Costa Rica McDougall Adventure 2006


February 2006

    • Moderation Is Impossible for Passionate People
    • Readers’ Responses to the “Low-fat Diet Failure” News
    • Report on the February 2006 Advanced Study Weekend


March 2006

    • How Foul Is Fowl?
    • My Favorite 5 Articles Found in Recent Medical Journals
    • High Protein Diets Harmful and Unnecessary for Endurance Athletes
    • Plavix Fails Heart Patients and Causes Bleeding
    • Diabetic Pills Kill
    • Drugs Fail for Depression
    • Bragging Rights for Prostate Surgeons


April 2006

    • Securing Respectful Medical Care
    • Non-stick Pots and Pans: Are They Safe?


May 2006

    • Report on the American College of Lifestyle Medicine (ACLM) Meeting, May 23 to 26, 2006
    • The Newest Food-Cure: Coconut Oil for Health and Vitality


June 2006

    • Mary’s Mini-McDougall Diet
    • Gout Is on the Rise


July 2006

    • Glycemic Index – Not Ready for Prime Time
    • More on Mary’s Mini-McDougall Diet
    • Report on the Celebrity Chef Weekend of July 14 to 16, 2006


August 2006

  • Taking Advantage of the Medical Specialist
  • Favorite Five for August 2006

  • Vegan Diet Benefits Diabetes

  • Pomegranate Juice Benefits Prostate Cancer Patients

  • Overtreating Blood Pressure Kills

  • “Low-fat Diet Failure”—Good News about Bad Habits

  • Adding Avocados or Oils to Salads Aids Absorption of Nutrients—More
    Good News about Bad Habits


September 2006

    • Sugar, Coated with Myths
    • The Angioplasty Debacle


October 2006

    • Refined Carbohydrates for Food Addicts
    • Fish: Alternative to a Rock and a Hard Place
    • Report on the September 2006 Advanced Study Weekend


November 2006

    • Artificial Sweeteners Are Unnecessary and Unwise
    • Favorite Five:
    • Vegetables Will Save Your Mind
    • Calcium Does Not Benefit Children
    • Research Fails to Support Flu Shot’s Value
    • Cow’s Milk Promotes Acne
    • Review of the Evidence that Diet Causes Autism


December 2006

  • An Inconvenient Truth: We Are Eating Our Planet To Death
  • Global Warming Strategy by Noam Mohr
  • Favorite Five My favorite articles found in recent medical journals:
  • Low-fat, Plant-food Diet Slows Breast Cancer
  • Mammograms Fail Women from Age 40 Years
  • Raw Food Vegetarian Diet Protects Us from Cancer
  • Low-carb, High-protein Diets Reduce Survival
  • Herbal Valerian for Sleep
  • Comments on new McDougall Made Easy DVD
January 2007

    • Human Health and Planet Health—Same Solution
    • Favorite Five:
    • The Food Industry Buys Nutrition Research—Threatening Your Family’s Health
    • How Long to Take Plavix and Aspirin after a DES (Heart Angioplasty Stent)
    • Ear Tubes—Another Money Maker’s Benefits Disproved
    • Antacids Promote Hip Fractures
    • Complications Are Common from Colonoscopy
    • Responses to the December 2006 McDougall Newsletter on Global Warming


February 2007

    • When Friends Ask:
    • Where Do You Get Your Calcium?
    • Disease Mongering:
    • New Women’s Guidelines for Heart Disease
    • Report on February 2007 Advanced Study Weekend


March 2007

    • When Friends Ask: “Why Don’t You Drink Milk?”
    • Defending the McDougall Diet—If I Must
    • Report on the Amazing Costa Rica Trip


April 2007

    • When Friends Ask: Where Do You Get Your Protein?
    • Favorite Five: People Don’t Lose Weight on Diets
      Because They CheatAngioplasty Fails Again and Again (8 out of 8 times)Vitamin Supplements KillSalt Restriction May Be Good for the HeartCured Meat Hurts the Lungs


May 2007

    • When Friends Ask: “Why Did You Quit Meat?”
    • Who Should Take Statins?
    • Update on “Death by Veganism” by Nina Planck


June 2007

    • Confessions of a Fish Killer
    • Save Your Kidneys—Part 1—The Hard Way, with Medications
    • “Death by Veganism” Begins Its Slow Demise


July 2007

    • Rich Diet Is Child Neglect and Responsible People Need to Act
    • Save Your Kidneys—Part 2—Diet and Kidney Health
    • Study Fails to Show Benefits of Fruits and Veggies for Breast Cancer Patients – Women are Blamed, but the Investigators Were at Fault


August 2007

    • When Friends Ask: Why Do You Avoid Adding Vegetable Oils?
    • Favorite Five:

      Sex and Still Aging

      Colon Cancer Patients Die Faster with Western Diet

      Birth Defects from Mother’s Western Diet

      Antacids Cause Dementia

      Drug Companies Rig Research—I Don’t Know How to Prescribe

    • Dr. McDougall’s response to: Looking Past Blood Sugar to Survive with Diabetes by Gina Kolata in the August 20, 2007 New York Times


September 2007

    • Low Vitamin D: One Sign of Sunlight Deficiency
    • If I Could Be Your Doctor, I Would Love to Tell You How To Lose Excess Weight Effortlessly, Painlessly, and Permanently
    • Advanced Study Weekend September 7 to 9, 2007


October 2007

    • Everyone Is Fiddling as California Burns
    • If I Could Be Your Doctor, I Would Love to Tell You How To Keep Your Arteries Clean and Reverse Atherosclerosis
    • Favorite Five Articles from Recent Medical Journals
    • Just Released – New DVD – McDougall Made Irresistible Holiday Meal Planning


November 2007

    • Vitamin B12 Deficiency—the Meat-eaters’ Last Stand
    • One-pot Meal Favorites
    • Our Newest DVD—McDougall Made Irresistible:
Our Biggest Hit Ever


December 2007

  • To Juice or Not to Juice? What’s A Bottle of Magic Worth?
  • Easy Meal Favorites