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12-Day McDougall Program Consultations

Can the McDougall Program Help Your Ailment?

Have you tried everything to improve your health but aren’t making any progress? The McDougall Program could help you. Created by Dr. McDougall and his team, our 12-day program teaches how diet affects your health. The program offers lectures and support from various health professionals.

If you’re interested but uncertain that this will help you, book a 25-minute online consultation with our Medical Director, Dr. Anthony Lim, MD, JD. Dr. Lim is a board-certified family physician specializing in diet and lifestyle medicine.

During this consultation, Dr. Lim will offer general health information and advice. Because you aren’t officially our patient, we cannot offer medical advice. If you choose to join and complete the McDougall Program, you will become our patient for life. We’ll be there for you to address any personal medical concerns when you need us.

Additionally, if you decide to join, 100% of the consulting fee will go toward the program enrollment.

If you want to learn more about the connection between diet and health, look through our resources page, where you’ll find a wide range of valuable information.

Please provide 24-hour notice for changes or cancellations. No-shows or changes made within 24 hours of appointments are subject to a charge equal to half the booking fee.