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With a heavy heart, we share the news of Dr. John McDougall’s passing. A visionary physician and author, beloved husband, father, grandfather, brother, mentor and friend, Dr. McDougall died peacefully at his home on Saturday, June 22nd, at the age of 77.

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Learn the principles behind the McDougall Program – a clinically proven means of weight management that can reverse or prevent many common illnesses, all by simply altering your lifestyle to a whole food, starch-based diet.

As experience is always the best teacher, this program is first and foremost designed to get you looking and feeling your best.

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Having achieved that goal for thousands of patients, The Starch Solution Certification Course will help the healthcare professional better assist their own patients, and help the non-professional with their clients or personal growth.

Certification qualifies you to display the official Starch Solution certification logo at your business and on your website, and establishes your credibility as a knowledgeable graduate of The Starch Solution who understands how this diet relates to optimum health.

Benefits of the Starch Solution Certification Course

  • Learn the major sources of food poisoning and why so many people are sick
  • Know exactly what to eat, what to limit and what to avoid for optimal health and well-being
  • How to cure common illnesses
  • Be empowered with the knowledge to discuss with others why a whole food, starch-based diet is the key to wellness
  • Know more about human health and nutrition than most medical students and physicians

Starch Solution Course Details

The national best-selling book by Dr. McDougall, The Starch Solution, accompanied by 19 video lectures, makes learning about human nutrition and the dietary treatment of common illnesses easy and enjoyable.

The testing aspect of the certification program also serves as a valuable learning tool by helping you focus on the critical facts and important principles.

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Questions? Contact us by email: or call 800-941-7111.

Resources and Course Material

  1. 1. Quarterly live Zoom calls with Mary and Heather McDougall. A casual and fun way to connect with the direct source. Come prepared with your questions!


  1. 2. Provided practical advice and organized lesson plans for practicing physicians and certified graduates of The Starch Solution Certification Course (TSSCC). These lesson plans allow successful graduates to host their own classes, earn their own revenue, and show select video lessons from Dr. McDougall to your students without an additional charge or licensing fee.


  1. 3. Full access to Dr. McDougall’s personally curated list of helpful newsletters, videos and PDF books including:
    1. McDougall’s Medicine
    2. A Challenging Second Opinion
    3. The McDougall Health Supporting Cookbook Volume I
    4. The McDougall Health Supporting Cookbook Volume II
    5. The McDougall Plan
    6. The McDougall Program for a Healthy Heart
    7. The McDougall Program for Women


  1. 4. A free digital copy of The Starch Solution delivered via email. This is only available to people who live within the United States.

Course Outline:

          1. Lesson 1 – Acknowledgements and Note to Reader
          2. Lesson 2 – My personal Journey to the Starch Solution
          3. Lesson 3 – Starch: The Traditional Diet of People (Pt. 1)
          4. Lesson 4 – Starch: The Traditional Diet of People (Pt. 2)
          5. Lesson 5 – People Passionate about Starches Are Healthy and Beautiful
          6. Lesson 6 – Five Major Poisons Found in Animal Foods
          7. Lesson 7 – Spontaneous Healing on a Starch-Based Diet
          8. Lesson 8 – The USDA and the Politics of Starch
          9. Lesson 9 – An Inconvenient Truth: We Are Eating the Planet to Death
          10. Lesson 10 – When Friends Ask: Where Do You Get Your Protein?
          11. Lesson 11 – When Friends Ask: Where Do You Get Your Calcium?
          12. Lesson 12 – Confessions of a Fish Killer
          13. Lesson 13 – The Fat Vegan
          14. Lesson 14 – Just to Be On the Safe Side: Don’t Take Supplements
          15. Lesson 15 – Salt and Sugar: The Scapegoats of the Western Diet
          16. Lesson 16 – Practicing the Starch Solution
          17. Lesson 17 – The 7-Day Sure-Start Plan
          18. Lesson 18 – Our Favorite Recipes–McDougall Made Easy
          19. Lesson 19 – Our Favorite Recipes–McDougall Made Irresistible

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We are a Continuing Education Provider licensed by the California Board of Registered Nursing, Provider Number 15494.

Certification in The Starch Solution Certification Course requires the successful completion of all lessons and a minimum exam score of 70%. This certification is not accredited.

Graduate Successes

Dear Mary,

I wanted to write you and tell you about what is happening in my professional life since I became certified. The certification course has opened up doors for me professionally and given me a rock-solid platform on which to teach. Also, I really wanted you to know how many more people are using your recipes and how much they appreciate learning of Dr. McDougall’s professional focus on diet and health.

Classes and Speeches

Mary, I have now given two classes and two speeches on the Starch Solution since May 1st. I have another class set up for mid-September. It is amazing how much people learn during 4 hours. The videos we get to use are particularly helpful, clear, and informative to people who have never heard of these nutritional principles before. I use a variety of materials during class: handouts, videos, and PowerPoint, in addition to what I have to say. They appreciate learning accurate information about diet and health. They love the food served during class – your recipes.

Casual Conversations

Just in the last week, I could name six people who have switched to the Starch Solution as a result of fairly brief conversations we have had together. Even though I have found classes to be an excellent way of teaching the Starch Solution principles to others, casual conversations are also really effective. People are curious about the connection between food and health and I have found that many are ready to change their diets.

Occasionally I feel like someone would benefit from the Starch Solution principles, so I ask them if I can tell them about my work. Most welcome my doing so. I rarely do this, but I have found that that person continues to research it further and then changes their diet on their own. By bringing it up with them, I start a sequence of events that probably would not have happened otherwise at this time.

The Ripple Effect

In the end, I know that I am only changing a few people at a time, but already I also see a curious phenomenon: I am witnessing a ripple effect happening around me and the people I talk to. I teach these ideas to them and they try them out. Then they share what they are doing with others and even more, people consider it seriously. An example of this was how I just taught my visiting sister-in-law, Michelle, these principles and then I witnessed an incredible series of events: her mother ends up in the hospital with a serious heart condition and Michelle immediately starts teaching her the Starch Solution. Michelle tells her mother what to do as she leaves the hospital: buy the book, buy lots of starches and clear out the pantry of prohibited food items. Michelle starts calling her college age children and telling them what to eat and how to prepare it. My brother says he’ll eat anything she fixes. Who could ask for more? The old eating habits of people are falling like Dominoes. The Western Diet hasn’t a chance anymore! It is losing its grip on people and they are ready for a new lifestyle that supports who they want to be.

Mary, I think what the certification has done is given my opinions and perspective legitimacy that was lacking before. It has given me the confidence to stand firm and point out the problems so evident in the Western Diet. In order to do this well, I am also constantly polishing and refining it to make my arguments very convincing and strong.

I hope other graduates are speaking their minds and telling people what they know to be true. It is so rewarding to have all of these experiences and see people changing their lives for the better. I’m going to stay humble (one has to be humble in this kind of work) – okay, bold and humble; but it is a very nice way to be.

I hope you have a wonderful day.

Amy David

I do want to say how much I have enjoyed taking the course. I have faithfully followed Dr. McDougall’s program for over five years, purchased his books and DVDs, and subscribed to the Advance Study Weekend broadcasts for the past several years. So I felt I was already very familiar with his teachings. Yet, I still found the Starch Solution Course to be informative and encouraging. I think it is the best presentation of his work to date. Even someone, like myself, who already knows his message would benefit from taking this course. I now feel more confident and better equipped to discuss a starch-based diet with others. The available DVDs and lesson plans will make it easy to introduce folks to this healthful way of eating. Kudos to Dr. McDougall and Mary for their passion of helping people regain their health and live their lives to the fullest.


Susan Reisenweaver