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Regain your health in less than 2 weeks with the McDougall Program

Are you looking to regain your vitality and take control of your health? Dr. John McDougall, a renowned expert in health and wellness, has developed a groundbreaking approach that can transform your health in 12 days.

The life-changing McDougall Program unlocks your body’s healing potential through the power of a plant-based, starch-focused diet. Join thousands of empowered individuals who have embraced the McDougall Program and experienced a remarkable transformation in their overall health and vitality!

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The McDougall Program The McDougall Program

The McDougall Program

The McDougall Program is a transformative and life-saving 12-day online medical program designed by Dr. McDougall. For over 35 years, this program has been helping individuals reverse chronic illness and take charge of their health.

The McDougall Program is based on the concept of the Starch Solution, an innovative dietary approach that harnesses the benefits of eating whole-food, plant-based sources of complex carbohydrates. Throughout the program, participants learn to embrace a sustainable and nourishing diet centered around wholesome starch sources, including nutrient-rich grains, legumes and fruits.

The immersive 12-day program includes personalized medical care, live lectures, expert guidance, and unwavering support. Engage in private one-on-one medical appointments and learn from lectures by renowned health professionals. Beyond the 12-day mark, the McDougall Program offers additional weekly, then monthly check-ins for one full year following your completion.

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Inspiring Success Stories

At the McDougall Program, we have witnessed inspiring transformations of individuals who have adopted a starch-based diet and experienced remarkable improvements in their health. To inspire and encourage you, we invite you to explore some of the success stories of our participants below.
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Free McDougall Program Free McDougall Program

Free McDougall Program

All the knowledge you need to transform your health through a healing diet and lifestyle. The McDougall Program has held nothing back. The pages that follow contain all of the information you need to successfully change your diet and lifestyle in order to quickly regain control of your health and appearance.

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Our philosophy

Optimal health is achieved by eating a low-fat, high fiber, minimally processed, starch-based diet with fruits and vegetables. This is not all or nothing. We teach the principles of healthy living. The more you do, the better your results.

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Take the first step toward regaining your health and ensuring optimal well-being by joining our 12-day McDougall program. You can also visit our Education Hub, explore our Mini Courses, and browse our shop for valuable resources to start your transformative journey today!

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