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The Truth About Food Mini-Course

In this comprehensive lecture series, John McDougall, MD, explores the science behind the McDougall Program explaining why our whole food, low-fat, starch-based diet has been successful at curing common chronic diseases like type 2 diabetes, heart disease, arthritis and much more.

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Upon completion, you will know more about food and its effect on human health than most doctors, dietitians and nutritionists have learned through their years of professional training about these vital subjects.

Never again lose an argument with friends and family about protein, fats, sugar, starches and vitamins.

Stop forever the insanity surrounding the right diet for people.

The slides from each presentation including the supported scientific references will be available as an extra bonus.

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Lesson 1: Where Do You Get Your Protein?

  • The history of protein
  • Protein chemistry made simple
  • Protein deficiency is a deadly dietary deception
  • Politics behind the protein myth
  • Soy foods consumed safely; No fake meats and cheeses
  • Osteoporosis caused by excess protein
  • Autoimmune diseases from animal proteins
  • Protein myths are killing people and the planet
  • Additional troubles from the lies about protein


Lesson 2: The Fat You Eat is the Fat You Wear, Even Olive Oil

  • Processing vegetables into oils: at best, medicinal
  • Fat and oil chemistry made simple
  • A history lesson: Cooking without fats and oils
  • Fats and oils and the heart
  • Oils fuel cancers
  • Diabetes from fat, not sugar
  • Nuts, seeds and avocados – healthy, but fattening
  • Fish myths causing mercury poisoning and loss of oceans

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Lesson 3: Starches (i.e. the Potato) Make You Trim, Strong and Healthy

  • Meet Dr. Potato, John McDougall, MD
  • Humans are “starch eaters” (starch-itarians, starch-ivores)
  • A history lesson: Corn, potatoes, rice and/or wheat: pillars of nutrition
  • Carbohydrate chemistry made simple
  • The truth behind sugar and diabetes
  • Complete nutrition: Live on potatoes alone
  • People are sweet-seekers, we love sugar for a reason
  • Starches: no cholesterol, low-fat and delicious
  • Starches: prevent and cure obesity, diabetes and heart disease 
  • Gluten issues: For the few with celiac disease
  • The potato: Prime candidate for future food scarcity


Lesson 4: Vitamins and Minerals without Buying Supplements 

  • Nature is responsible and provides for complete nutrition
  • A history lesson: vital organic micronutrients are discovered
  • Micronutrient chemistry made simple
  • “Soils are deficient in nutrients;” irrelevant
  • Supplements cause nutrition imbalances; more death and disease
  • B12 deficiency: the meat-eaters’ last stand
  • D is still the “sunshine vitamin”
  • Testing for Vitamin D is profitable, but misleading
  • More fractures and falls from Vitamin D shots and pills


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