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For more than 35 years, we’ve been teaching people how to empower themselves to alleviate their pain from all chronic illnesses, regain their health, lose weight safely, and learn simple and practical ways to live a starch-based lifestyle. These lessons are now available in mini-courses to fast-track your education.

Learn directly from John McDougall, MD, how to improve, maintain and optimize your health.
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Maximum Weight
Loss Program

Lose up to 15 pounds a month with a whole food, starch-based diet without going hungry or counting calories.

Learn the fundamentals of the McDougall Program for Maximum Weight Loss and specifically which foods to eat (and to avoid). This mini-course is designed to help you easily learn the most important aspects of how to lose weight in a safe and sustainable way.

  • Lose weight effortlessly by eating your favorite starch-centered comfort foods like potatoes, beans and rice
  • Never feel hungry again – as you may have experienced, diets that limit food and leave you hungry do not work long-term
  • Eat as much as you want of the right foods, when you want (with no calorie counting or time-specific eating windows)
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Our Fat Free Golden Gravy recipe over mashed potatoes is not only a community favorite, it's one of the many weight loss and comfort food ideas inside this course!
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"If you haven’t eaten the best diet or lived a healthy lifestyle, now is the time to start. The body is very forgiving and has a tremendous ability to recuperate. You will be surprised and pleased by the results you experience on the McDougall Program for Maximum Weight Loss. Don’t waste another minute."
- John McDougall, MD
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Aging Gracefully

The biggest fear we have as we get older is losing our ability to function – in particular, losing our mental functions. We want to make the best of – and ideally avoid – dementia.

The results of the McDougall program and McDougall diet have proven beyond the shadow of a doubt that you can make a difference as far as diseases that now take you in the prime of life.

  • Avoid Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia with safe, non-toxic, relatively inexpensive and effective treatments
  • Reverse common diseases like arthritis, heart disease and atherosclerosis, type-2 diabetes, kidney disease, osteoporosis, multiple sclerosis, depression and more
  • Preserve and improve cognitive health and gain additional benefits like lower insulin resistance, cholesterol, body weight and blood pressure
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Linda reversed heart disease, lost 50 pounds, and at 78 years old, lives a vibrant life and feels wonderful!
"We need to focus on the things we can control today, not our genes, good luck or good fortune. The information within these lectures are messages that every doctor should be providing for their patients."
- John McDougall, MD
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The Truth About Food

Alleviate the pain of chronic illness and start living the life you deserve.

The Truth About Food covers four main pillars of nutrition that are commonly misunderstood. After learning about these hot topics, you’ll know more about food and its effect on human health than most doctors, dietitians and nutritionists have learned throughout their years of professional training about these vital subjects.

  • The scientific facts about how much protein, fats, sugar and vitamins your body needs for optimal health
  • How osteoporosis is caused by excess protein and how to reverse it naturally
  • How fats and oils affect your heart health
  • The truth behind sugar and diabetes
  • The health benefits of eating starch
  • The best sources of B12 and vitamin D
  • How nature and whole plant foods provide complete nutrition
  • How to optimize your health with perfectly-packaged, nature-made foods
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Learn the science behind what makes Sweet Potato Beginnings an excellent example of delicious, easy-to-prepare food that can help heal your body.
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