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Kiki: What a Change Has Taken Place in My Life!!

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“I feel like I have finally found the key to health.”

kiki before

My name is kiki and I wanted to share what an amazing transformation my health has gone through as a result of Dr. McDougall’s work. I know you receive lots of thank yous and testimonies all the time so I figured why not add one more!

My health has been worsening over the last 6 years no matter what I’ve done to try and fix it. I kept gaining weight and my blood sugar levels were considered prediabetic. I started having really irregular menstrual cycles. I went from perfect 28 day cycles to erratic cycles and some months I would spot the whole month. The doctors looked at me and my blood and no one could see anything wrong with my reproductive system so I was told to lose weight and follow the diabetic diet. So I did the high protein low carb thing and I lost a few lbs. but that was it and my blood sugar levels remained terrible. I was at my wits end with everything! I was tired of being so overweight especially when I had been fit and trim my whole life. So in May of 2018 my friend told me about Dr. McDougall and all the people he’s helped and how it helped her lose weight and regain her health. So I went right to the book store and got the book and read it in a couple hours! I was sold! I made my husband read it too so he would be on the same page. We haven’t looked back and here I am 6 months later, 30 lbs. lighter with perfect cholesterol, blood pressure, and blood sugar levels!! My menstrual cycles are every 28 days, with absolutely no spotting in between! I used to have horrible fall allergies and one day I realized I didn’t have a single allergic reaction to anything this fall! My skin looks amazing and everyone thinks I’m 10 yrs younger than I really am. My husband has lost 25 lbs. and his aches and pains have disappeared as well! He looks even prettier than me now lol!

kiki now

Our kids love the way we eat and they haven’t caught so much as a sniffle yet while all their classmates are constantly passing colds and flus around. Their teaches even commented to me at parent teacher conferences how my children seem to be immune to all the sickness going around. It’s such a difference from last year because they used to catch everything!

My mom and dad read the book as well and they have lost 80 lbs. between the two of them and reversed their diabetes and rheumatoid arthritis! But I’ll let them send their own testimony in:)

kiki now

Thank you so much for the work you do! I feel like I have finally found the key to health. I no longer feel my health slipping away from me. I have a food group of 66 people on fb that I’ve been sharing recipes with for some time now and now that I’m plant based, to my surprise everyone is still in it and paying attention. I share links to your videos and website and just this week I did a giveaway of your book. It’s only 66 people but that’s 66 people that are being exposed to the key to health and longevity, especially in a world that is keto crazy!!

Here are few pictures to see what a change has taken place in my life!! In the picture where I’m wearing the hat you can see how healthy my skin looks! I’m not wearing one ounce of makeup in that picture and my face just glows!!

Ps. I’m 35!!!

Update on Star McDougaller Kiki

“I share so people can continue to hear this message and realize they have the power to change their lives.”

Last year, I shared as a Star McDougaller after I lost 30 pounds and got rid of all my health problems by following the starch solution. Read my story here.

I’m sharing with you today because I wanted to express how much my life has continued to change since first reading Dr. McDougall’s book and how I am now able to share this life changing information with thousands of others. Since writing to you guys last November, I decided that more people needed to hear about this lifestyle and all its benefits. I decided to start a YouTube channel and Instagram account in order to document my journey and to help people with simple and practical meal ideas. At first just my mom and few cousins subscribed but over these past few months my channel has grown so much and continues to grow daily. In each video I share how Dr. McDougall’s work has so positively changed my life and I continually encourage my viewers to read his book or visit his website for the many free resources he has available. My most recent videos are getting almost 10,000 views in one week!  I’m blown away that so many people are hearing how Dr. McDougall’s work can help them change their lives and their family’s lives. Thank you all for all the work you do!


You can find Kiki on YouTube.
And on other social media platforms as @plantifulkiki

Comments from The McDougall Team:

The McDougall Program is not affiliated with Kiki’s channel or content but we do find her videos very helpful and compliant. We support Kiki’s efforts in sharing our work and diet. Well done Kiki!