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Syd Wyemann: My Hands Were Crippled With Arthritis

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Dr. John and Mary – you are the real deal. We thank you sincerely.

Syd from Scotland, summer 2015

I live in the Highlands of Scotland with my Californian wife Rhonda. For the last ten years plus I suffered with ever increasingly painful arthritis in both wrists, with swellings at the bottom thumb joints, and on the other side of the wrists. It was very painful and increasingly debilitating, culminating about five to six months ago in severe pain day and night. I couldn’t sleep because no restful hand position was comfortable. I was unable to use my computer (used to work from home) for extended periods without so much pain that I had to stop and soak my hands and wrists in hot water as the only relief. It was so painful that every single task, down to using a towel after a shower, had to be thought about and worked out beforehand to cope with the pain. I had a garage full of tools that I couldn’t use anymore and over $150 worth of wrist supports, just to get a little sleep. I honestly thought my life, as far as being able to use my hands at all, was over. And I am not kidding! I was in permanent pain.

A friend in South Africa emailed me with two of your videos and my wife and I were sold. We were already kind of aware of the misinformation told everywhere and were trying to ‘eat healthy’ but your informational videos blew us away and exposed all the myths and lies about food in general – not forgetting the information on a starch based diet. We went immediately onto a plant-based diet with NO animal products whatsoever.

I told you above that I have suffered for ten years and more – well, within TEN DAYS, my wrists started to get better and I stopped wearing braces of any kind. Within a few weeks, the pain in my wrists was 95% gone.

My friend wrote the original email to me on February 10th, 2016. Today is May 2nd, 2016 and in these few months, your information has absolutely transformed our lives. (As have the wonderful recipes on your site. I never ate better!) My wrists are no longer swollen, and I have no pain. We both have more energy and feel many other benefits. When my wife read that she could eat starchy foods and lose weight, she said if this works after all the years of being told exactly the opposite, I’ll be amazed. Well, she has lost 10 lbs and does not exercise. I have also lost 9 lbs (and I do exercise ;-).

I cannot begin to tell you what this has meant to me. My wife feels the same way. The icing on the cake was when my wife wrote last week for advice about her twin sister’s skin condition. We didn’t really expect an answer, but the NEXT DAY, Mary McDougall wrote back to her with help and suggestions.

Dr. John and Mary – you are the real deal. We thank you sincerely. We have not spent one red cent with you, and yet you freely and without any thought of personal gain, have completely changed our lives for good.

Syd Wyemann