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Dining Out

Updated April 11, 2013

Eating out on a plant-based diet is not as tricky as you may expect. We have all the tips for how to do it. Life is busy and cooking a nutritious dinner at the end of the day can seem daunting, and sometimes trying to order something healthy in a restaurant can be just as discouraging. Have no fear, Mary is here! Mary writes candidly about how to navigate any menu in any restaurant while satisfying your hunger and maintaining your health. Browse our recommendations below of how to healthy restaurants and continue eating plant-based away from home.


Eating Healthy While Dining Out

Restaurants with nutritious foods tend to be more sit-down and slower-paced. Making a switch to a healthy lifestyle will mean fast-food options are limited. Sitting to eat is also a benefit because mindful eating supports digestion and weight loss.

Looking for Plant-Based Options

Many restaurants carry vegan options now. Which is revolutionary, but be cautious. Foods like Oreos and french fries are vegan. So it is important to make choices based on the quality of the food rather than a diet label.

Finding Nutritious Meals

Restaurants are starting to offer more fresh options with veggies and healthy starches like rice and sweet potatoes. Beans are pretty easy to come by and tofu is on the rise for a menu item. If you are more selective about where you dine, you can concoct a plate close to what you could accomplish at home.