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Colon and Other Cancers

The fundamentals of the McDougall Program are simple yet often difficult to implement. Learn about the 12-Day McDougall Program - a life-saving medical program that empowers participants with the knowledge and practical steps needed to live a vibrant, long life. For questions on whether a change in diet can help your ailment, learn more about our consultations.
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What you place in your colon determines its health. The high-fat, low-fiber Western diet of meats, poultry, milk, cheeses, eggs and refined foods sets up the perfect environment for the development of colon polyps and colon cancer. Polyps are mounds of tissue resulting from three and more decades of irritation from the bowel’s contents. More of the same damage causes progression to colon cancer. In almost all cases, by the time “real cancer” is present in the colon, cells have escaped and spread to the rest of the body. Fortunately, spontaneous healing is always taking place within us. A change to a starch-based diet corrects the colon and enhances recovery, the end result being a longer, healthier life. The McDougall Diet is the best opportunity for colon cancer prevention and a fundamental part of its treatment.