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Newsletter Subject Index 2004-2005

January 2004

    • Protein Overload
    • Could Mad Cow Disease Already be Killing Thousands of Americans Every Year?
    • Favorite Five:
    • Mammography Is Fraud Promoted by Industry and Governments
    • High Carbohydrate Diet Causes Effortless Weight Loss
    • Formula (Bottle) Feeding Causes Infant Brain Damage
    • Cow’s Milk Causes Multiple Sclerosis
    • Hot Tubs Are Safe for People with High Blood Pressure
    • Introductory Weekend Report


February 2004

    • Type-2 Diabetes – the Expected Adaptation to Overnutrition
    • Widespread Infection with Leukemia Virus from Meat and Milk
    • Atkins Was Grossly Overweight and Sick– But the Media Loves the Dead Guy
    • Favorite Five:
    • One Virtual Colonoscopy Best at Age 55 to 60
    • Treating Homocysteine with Vitamins Fail
    • Buckle Up Your Back Seat Passengers
    • A Little Exercise Makes a Big Difference
    • Be careful About Experimental Trials


March 2004

    • A Natural Cure for Depression
    • Favorite Five:
    • Hypertension Caused by Blood Flow Restriction
    • Take Your BP at Home – Get Off Medications
    • Natural Hormone Supplements of Questionable Value
    • Even “Good” Dairy Fat is Bad
    • Tai Chi Improves Overall Health
    • Recent McDougall Media Appearances: McDougall on Atkins — the Mayo Clinic Proceedings Neil Cavuto – Fox News Channel – the Cheeseburger Bill NY Times New Studies Question Value of Opening Arteries The TV show “McDougall, MD” is reaching new markets.


April 2004

    • People – Not Their Words – Tell “The Carbohydrate Story”
    • How to Prevent and Treat Degenerative (Osteo) Arthritis
    • Favorite 5: Need Potassium? Take Vegetables, Not Pills More Sex, Less Cancer Mammography Over-Diagnoses Millions of Women with Breast Cancer US Preventative Task Force Says “No” to Heart Tests HDL “Good” Cholesterol is Not Worth Your Attention


May 2004

    • The Atkins Scientific Research – Deceit and Disappointment
    • Favorite Five For Children Get the Coke© Out of Schools Child Abuse from the Dinner Table Bottle-feeding Kills Babies Soon Children Will Be on Blood Pressure Pills Food Additives Do Affect Your Child’s Behavior
    • Highlights of the May 14-16 McDougall Advanced Study Weekend


June 2004

    • Alzheimer’s Disease Can Be Safely Prevented and Treated Now
    • The Skinny on Atkins By Michael Greger, M.D.
    • Favorite Five Articles:
    • Eat Healthier for Better Sex
    • Can’t Suck Off the Fat for Better Health
    • Bubbly Mineral Water Reduces Heart Attack Risks
    • Save Your Eyes with a Healthy Diet — Glaucoma
    • PSA for Early Prostate Cancer Detection Fails Again


July 2004

    • Coffee – Pleasure or Pain
    • Over-treat Your Blood Pressure and You Could Die Sooner
    • The Skinny on Atkins, Part II. By Michael Greger, M.D.
    • Catered McDougall Foods for the Bay Area, California


August 2004

    • A Cesspool of Pollutants Now Is the Time to Clean-up Your Body
    • High Carb Diet Linked to Breast Cancer – More Deceit
    • Favorite Five:
    • Soy Supplements Fail to Benefit Bones, Brain or Heart
    • Western Diet As the Cause of Schizophrenia and Depression
    • Cinnamon Spice Benefits Blood Sugar and Cholesterol
    • Folic Acid Supplements Cause More Heart Disease
    • Don’t Take Plavix and Aspirin Together
    • Highlights of Costa Rica Adventure 2004


September 2004

    • What Next, Bill Clinton?
    • Favorite Five:
    • Vioxx and Celebrex May Give You a Heart Attack and More
    • Conservative Breast Cancer Treatment Best – No Mastectomy, No Radiation
    • Time to Quit Using the PSA says Stanford University
    • Vaginal Yeast Not Helped By Lactobacillus Pills or Inserts
    • Echinacea Fails Again – What Am I Going to Do during Cold Season?
    • McDougall Weekend Report


October 2004

    • Resisting the Broken Bone Businesses: Bone Mineral Density Tests and the Drugs That Follow
    • Tea Time Increases Life Time
    • Thanksgiving Planning by Mary McDougall
    • Meet Dr. Henry Heimlich
    • Open Letter from Michael Greger, MD


November 2004

    • Sick People Take Medications – Healthy People Are Drug-Free
    • My Favorite Five Articles Found in Recent Medical Journals:
    • Vitamins Do Not Prevent Cancer and May Increase Likelihood of Death: How Supplements Can Make You Sicker
    • Chiropractic Care Provides Superior Results
    • Commonly Used Antacids May Give You Pneumonia
    • Ulcerative Colitis Relapses with Meat and Beef
    • CT-scans – Looking for Cancer May Cause Cancer


December 2004

  • Lose a Half Pound a Day – Setpoint
  • Results of the McDougall Program
  • Year in Review 2004
  • Favorite Five:
  • Avoid Supplements – Breast Cancer Increases with Folic Acid
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis and Meat
  • Blood Pressure Pills (Calcium Channel Blockers*) Kill
  • Shark Cartilage and Cancer –Nonsense and Not Good for Sharks
  • Over-fat Means Brain Loss
January 2005

    • Pushing Your Set Point to the Limits – The McDougall Program for Maximum Weight Loss
    • Sleep Like a Baby – Lessons from My Grandson on How to Cure Insomnia


February 2005

    • The McDougall Program Cures People; The Risk Factor Improvements Are Incidental
    • All Popular Diets Are the Same – Failures
    • Mary In Your Kitchen
    • Report on the Advanced Study Weekend with Dr. Heimlich


March 2005

    • Eggs Are For Easter
    • Favorite Five:
    • Dairy Fails Children’s Bones
    • Fish Can Cause You Heart Disease
    • Meat Can Cause You Colon Cancer
    • Fast Food Makes People Fat and Diabetic – Duh!
    • Don’t Exercise – Until after You Have Changed Your Diet
    • Mary In Your Kitchen – Part 2


April 2005

    • Soy – Food, Wonder Drug, or Poison?
    • Favorite Five:
    • Dairy for Weight Loss – Another Big Fat Lie
    • Cataracts from Vegetable Oil
    • Fosamax Makes Bones Brittle
    • The Mediterranean Diet Prolongs Life
    • Raw Food Vegetarians Have Strong Bones and Better Heath


May 2005

    • Sunny Days, Keeping Those Clouds Away
    • Favorite Five:
    • Dairy and Type-2 Diabetes – Wrong Conclusion
    • The Best Breast Cancer Treatment: Diet and Exercise
    • What’s New in Prostate Cancer Treatment?
    • Calcium and “Vitamin D” Do Not Prevent Fractures
    • “Liver Cleansing” with Olive Oil and Lemon Juice – Myth
    • Mary In Your Kitchen (Part 2 of 3) CHANGE CAN BE BOTHERSOME…OR EXHILARATING


June 2005

    • Acrylamide Poisoning – Cancer from Overcooked Carbohydrates?
    • Experts Know – Drug Companies Buy Research and Medical Journals
    • Mary In Your Kitchen (Part 3 of 3)


July 2005

    • The Annual Physical Exam – A Ritual to Be Avoided
    • Favorite Five:
    • The Only Way to Lifelong Weight Loss
    • Neither Aspirin Nor Vitamin E Will Save Women
    • Vegetarians Don’t Have Insulin Resistance or Metabolic Syndrome
    • Coffee Damages Artery Function – Another Mechanism for Heart Disease
    • Low-Fat, Low-Protein Diet Prolongs Life
    • Mary In Your Kitchen – Hot Summer Dishes


August 2005

    • Beneficial Bowel Bacteria – Our Neglected Friends
    • Favorite Five:
    • Cats Don’t Like Sugar – They’re Carnivores
    • Mammograms and Breast Exams Fail Women Again
    • Acrylamide May Not Be a Real World Cancer Risk
    • Diet Shown to Help Men with Prostate Cancer – Ornish Leads the Way Again
    • Fish Oil May Increase Heart Trouble
    • Mary in Your Kitchen – Stocking Your Kitchen


September 2005

    • Could It Be Celiac Disease?
    • Favorite Five:
    • Stress Reduces Your Risk of Breast Cancer
    • Feed Your Children Right—Fries Today May Mean Breast Cancer Tomorrow
    • Removal of Ovaries Unjustified along with Hysterectomy
    • Stop Aspirin Suddenly—Die of a Stroke
    • Acupuncture Safely Helps Knees with Arthritis
    • Learn About the Criminal Behavior of the Pharmaceutical Industry—Save Yourself and Your Family


October 2005

    • How to Choose a Primary Care Doctor — If You Must
    • Pharmaceutical Companies Promote Sleeping Sickness
    • Folic Acid Supplements are a Health Hazard
    • Mary in Your Kitchen – Thanksgiving Planning


November 2005

    • The Gluttony Pill—Can Scientists Successfully Imitate Nature?
    • How to Help the Volume Eater—The Person with a Binge Eating Disorder
    • November’s McDougall Program Attendees Meet T. Colin Campbell, PhD


December 2005

  • Thyroid Deficiency Strikes One in Six
  • Lessons to Be Learned from the “Fiber Not a Cancer Stopper” Story
  • Jay Gordon, M.D