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Newsletter Subject Index 2016-2017


January 2016


February 2016

    • The 2015 Dietary Guidelines Are Intended to Confuse the Public and the Press


March 2016

    • Dr. McDougall Was Fired from Speaking at the Obesity Medicine Conference


April 2016

    • Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO) The Wrong Low-carb Answer for Bowel Troubles


May 2016

    • Beware of Interventional Cardiologists (Heart Surgeons)


June 2016

    • Meat-eaters Are Not True Environmentalists


July 2016

    • Save Yourself from Colon Cancer First by Diet then by Conservative Screening (Not Colonoscopy)


August 2016

    • A Tribute to Roy Swank, MD, Founder of the Low-fat Dietary Treatment of Multiple Sclerosis


September 2016

    • Does Sugar Feed Cancer?


October 2016

    • Chocolate Milk – Disease in Disguise


November 2016

    • The McDougall Program Under Trump Rule


December 2016

  • Henry Heimlich, MD: Simply Genius
January 2017

    • The Latest Scams from the Diabetic Industry


February 2017

    • Diet Therapy is the Way to Make Real Money in Medicine


March 2017

    • McDougallCare: The Civilized Sustainable Healthcare Act (CSHA)
    • BROAD Study Confirms Starches Are Best for Health and Healing (with a 25-Pound Annual Weight Loss)
    • SIX CHIX Comic Applauds The Starch Solution


April 2017

    • What is the Best Formulation of Vitamin B12?


May 2017

    • Lectins: Plants’ Self-Defense System Circuitously Kills People


June 2017

    • Alzheimers Disease is Caused by Chronic Aluminum Poisoning


July 2017

    • Simple Reasoning Solves Dietary Confusion


August 2017

    • Stumbling Blocks to Dietary Transition


September 2017

  • Breast Cancer Treatments: Barbaric and Brutal