September 2005

Vol. 4, No. 9

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Could It Be Celiac Disease?

Intestinal problems that linger despite adherence to the McDougall Diet may be the result of celiac disease (CD). As many as one in every hundred people—1% of the population—is affected by CD, a condition caused by gluten—protein molecules most commonly found in wheat, barley, and rye.1 Celiac disease prevents the small intestine from effectively absorbing necessary nutrients.

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Favorite Five
My Favorite Five Articles Found in Recent Medical Journals

  • Stress Reduces Your Risk of Breast Cancer

  • Feed Your Children Right—Fries Today May Mean Breast Cancer Tomorrow

  • Removal of Ovaries Unjustified along with Hysterectomy

  • Stop Aspirin Suddenly—Die of a Stroke

  • Acupuncture Safely Helps Knees with Arthritis

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Learn About the Criminal Behavior of the Pharmaceutical Industry—Save Yourself and Your Family

People who believe that there is a “pill for every ill” and the next miracle is going to save them from a miserable life and an early death are wrong.  You must resolve this misunderstanding so that you can begin to focus on what will make a difference; and that is no-cost, side-effect-free changes in the way you eat and live.

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Featured Recipes

  • Tofu Dips

  • Curried Tomato Soup with Rice

  • Mushroom-Tomato Sauce

  • Ginger Hoisin Rice Noodles with Veggies

  • Butternut Squash Soup

  • Quinoa and Navy Bean Salad

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Protein Overload

Type-2 Diabetes – the Expected Adaptation to Overnutrition

A Natural Cure for Depression

People – Not Their Words – Tell “The Carbohydrate Story”

The Atkins Scientific Research – Deceit and Disappointment

Alzheimer’s Disease Can Be Safely Prevented and Treated Now

Coffee - Pleasure or Pain

A Cesspool of Pollutants

What Next, Bill Clinton?

Resisting the Broken Bone Businesses:
Bone Mineral Density Tests and the Drugs That Follow

Sick People Take Medications – Healthy People Are Drug-Free

Lose a half pound per day by resetting your setpoint


Pushing Your Set Point to the Limits

The McDougall Program Cures People;
The Risk Factor Improvements Are Incidental

Pushing Your Set Point to the Limits
The McDougall Program for Maximum Weight Loss

Soy – Food, Wonder Drug, or Poison?
Making the Change to a Healthy Lifestyle Work in Your LIfe

Sunny Days, Keeping Those Clouds Away…

Acrylamide Poisoning

The Annual Physical Exam – A Ritual to Be Avoided

Beneficial Bowel Bacteria – Our Neglected Friends


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