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Andres and Alex Vallejo: Found New Health & Hope

The fundamentals of the McDougall Program are simple yet often difficult to implement. Star McDougallers have either adopted the Program themselves by learning from our website and books or joining one of our programs. For personalized help, learn more about the 12-Day McDougall Program. For questions on whether a change in diet can help your ailment, learn more about our consultations.
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Andres and Alex Vallejo: Found New Health & Hope

Andres and Alex Vallejo found new health, hope and personal strength by simply changing their diet.

When Andres was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer he wanted to give his body it’s best fighting chance. After much research he discovered the McDougall Program and started seeing amazing results after just a short time on the diet. Brother Alex, his father and the rest of the family joined in the diet as a form of support and solidarity for Andres….but, much to their surprise, within a very short time they too found unexpected benefits that gave them renewed health and a life free from costly medications. Hear their wonderful inspirational story.

This interview as taped at the McDougall Advanced Study Weekend, Feb 2012 in Santa Rosa, CA