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Debbie P. No Longer Needs any Prescription Medications

Updated April 19, 2024


I have always struggled with my weight. I was normal weight at birth, but quickly became chubby as a child and by high school graduation weighed 230 pounds. My weight fluctuated over the years; as high as 290 in my 30’s, but averaging 250. I felt terrible about myself and my weight and tried many diets. I lost weight here and there but was typically unsatisfied and would eventually go off the diet and gain any of the weight I lost relatively quickly.  

I learned about the McDougall starch-centered diet back in the 1980s, but was unsuccessful in adopting the way of eating, just using the book. I occasionally tried again, along with other WFPB programs, but always gave up, feeling frustrated and defeated. In the meantime, my health was suffering. I was diagnosed with high blood pressure (1998), high cholesterol (2001), arthritis (2008) and type 2 diabetes (2011).

I was on numerous medications and started to experience more and more symptoms that put me in fear of having a very difficult and painful old age, including neuropathy in my feet, signs of diabetic retinopathy, chronic tiredness and cough and multiple sinus and respiratory infections every year.

I had also experienced the loss of family members due to complications from type 2 diabetes, including my mother, father, brother and sister, as well as my husband. Having seen what they went through because of diabetes presented an ominous sign of what I might experience too. The final symptom that made me want to reverse my type 2 diabetes was the potential of glaucoma – my eye doctor was concerned enough to put me on a monitoring program.

I immediately signed up for the next scheduled 12-day McDougall Program. After just two days I was able to stop taking two kinds of insulin, then I stopped one of my blood pressure medications after seven days. I also lost 13.2 pounds during the 12 days. Two weeks after the program’s end, I cut both Metformin and Atenolol dosages in half and then stopped Simvastatin after 3 months. After 4 months I stopped all Metformin, and then all Atenolol after 5 months. Today I am free of all prescribed and over-the-counter medications!

I didn’t have any significant struggles or setbacks during the program, though I experienced some detox symptoms, was very tired for the first several days and had some loss of appetite. I struggled a bit with the taste of food, but after about a week, my taste buds woke up and the food started to taste good. 

I have truly learned to love the recommended food, and now begin to feel deprived if I’m NOT on the plan. I did indulge a bit during the holidays and continue to struggle to stay away from nuts, but I’m very happy with the way of eating and only feel satisfied if I am enjoying my favorite foods – oatmeal with fruit for breakfast, a light lunch of fruit and/or soup and mashed potatoes and veggies for dinner. 

I have lost more than 82 pounds to date. My energy level has easily tripled or quadrupled. I typically walk around 45 miles a week (weather permitting). 

The most significant lessons learned are about changing my thought processes about “dieting,” not having to limit portions and satisfying my natural hunger drive by eating the food meant for the human body. I feel de-programmed from so many automatic thoughts around diet and health that had been plaguing me for many years. 

I now have hope for a positive experience in my senior years and no longer feel old and decrepit at age 62!  I feel tremendous relief from being able to stop medications and have confidence about the future. This has taken away the feelings of dread I was having about aging!

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