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Amanda Carlson: Went No Oil and is Now More Fit Than Ever

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Amanda was a vegan for more than three years, went no oil and is now more fit than ever.

Amanda Before and After

For three and half years I have been vegan and the last year I went no oil. I had always been very high carb and kept the fats low but still supplemented with multi vitamins, plant protein powders, and cooked with oil. After listening to almost every single Dr. McDougall lecture on YouTube and immersing myself with his words, as well as Dr. Barnard’s, I was convinced my next step towards optimal health was to cut the oils out.

I removed oil and plant protein shakes from my diet over a year ago and my fitness has improved! I have become more muscular, leaner, and stronger. I can also do harder and longer intervals with cardio and lift more and lift more often.

Fitness benefits were not the only perks I noticed once giving up oil.  As I went plant based at the age of 21, the chronic diseases that many Star McDougallers suffered from did not bother me. However, I did have acne on my face, back, and chest and struggled with constipation.  These issues disappeared once going oil-free.

Now, I like to represent a high carb, low fat, plant based, no oil lifestyle and show in the gym what can be gained by eating this way. Even girls can build muscle and not be weak or fatigue easily! You can also achieve superior fitness as long as the carbs stay high, the fats stay low, and you avoid excess protein!

I work as an RN (surgical inpatient unit) and the low-fat, plant-based lifestyle, along with all the science backing it, is my main motivation for going back to school for my Masters in nursing and to become a Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP). I’m appalled by what I see in the hospital setting, how these chronic diseases are being “treated,” and feel being an FNP would put me as the primary care provider for many patients. And we definitely have a shortage of plant based medical professionals!!

Amanda Carlson