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Jack E. Lost 90 Pounds and Has Kept it Off Effortlessly

Updated January 13, 2023


Back in 2012, I weighed 240, I had high cholesterol and was on my way to many chronic conditions suffered by so many. I eventually found The Starch Solution book and everything else is history. I turned 50 a week ago today and I feel and look the best that I ever have in my entire life. I completely transformed my food environment at home and I crave all my healthy starchy foods. Everything Dr. McDougall said about taste buds changing, staying off the scale and not counting portion sizes has been 110% true for me. 

Many of your lectures on YouTube I convert to mp3 format and put them on my phone so I can listen in the car, hiking, or bike riding. I’ve learned how to navigate the complex social environment and for the most part, I can get along without going along. I now weigh 150 pounds and I’ve kept 90 pounds off for years and I haven’t weighed or measured a thing.  

I went on a cruise a couple years ago to the Bahamas. I got off the ship and walked around Nassau. When I went back through customs to get back on the ship, the guy almost wouldn’t let me through. He was convinced there was no way the guy on the passport, circa 2012, was me. It took me a few minutes to explain it to him I was the person in the photo and he eventually let me go.

People are sometimes dumbfounded by the volume of food I eat. When I get asked, all I say is, go to YouTube and search for calorie density. Every single day I eat my signature dish, boiled sweet potatoes topped with brown rice, black beans, corn and sugar-free BBQ sauce. I’ve been doing it for years and I like it more than ever. Not once have I tired of it. I have plenty of other stuff too but that’s my staple. Thank you for sharing all your knowledge and wisdom, it has changed and improved every single aspect of my life. Thank you!