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Stumbling Blocks to Dietary Transition

Updated August 31, 2017

making-the-change-7555952The McDougall Diet can be summed up in two short sentences:

1. The McDougall Diet is based on starches (corn, potatoes, rice, etc.) with a few fruits and non-starchy vegetables (kale, broccoli, celery, etc.).

2. The McDougall Diet contains no animal-derived foods nor any added vegetable oils.

Our first book (a ringed notebook) was called Making the Change. Mary and I knew, when we wrote it back in 1978, that “medical miracles” could be achieved by a major shift in our patients’ nutrition. We also understood the difficulty in transitioning away from the foods we had always loved to new foods and preparations.

Our efforts for the past 40 years have been to develop ways to facilitate this transition. This has led to 13 national best-selling books, 176 monthly Internet newsletters, hundreds of videos, worldwide lectures, 31 years of residential programs, more than 30 adventure vacations, over 100 weekly webinars, more than 3,000 recipes, the McDougall Cookbook App, and much more. Our two most recent efforts are the “Quick Start” videos and “Dr. McDougall’s Color Picture Book on Food Poisoning.” All of this educational material is free at my website (no gimmicks). Use the SEARCH feature on my site to find more specific answers I offer on various problems ranging from acne to hemorrhoids to vitamins.

The result of our efforts has been that millions of people have made the change and regained their lost health and appearance. (And most have accomplished this at little or no cost to themselves at all.) This transition can be easy, but questions do come up along the way. I would like to address some of the common stumbling blocks that people face.

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