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Katerina Overcame Multiple Sclerosis and Yannis is in the Best Shape of His Life

Updated October 25, 2023

I am Katerina from Greece. I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2012, at 31 years of age, after an episode of double-vision. I remained in the hospital for some time and was given large amounts of cortisone, which absolutely destroyed me. After that, I began daily injections for about 6 months. During that time I met my husband who was starting to eat vegan, and he began to search for how could we cure my MS and helped me stop poisoning my body with drugs. I began a vegan diet as well, and it came so naturally for me, that I never had any cravings for meat or dairy. Ever. 

It was then that we came across Dr. McDougall and learned that MS is not a life sentence, as I was led to believe, so I began my journey to healing.

At some point, I had to quit my job, I wasn’t able to work anymore, as things for me could change in a second. So, we left the big city, moved to a small village and then the real faith testing began.

I had severe life-threatening experiences, no energy to do absolutely anything, extreme brain fog, total emotional instability, couldn’t walk almost at all and my husband often had to carry me around. I hadn’t gone outside my house for 8 months because we had stairs and for about two years, almost no one in the village had seen me.

So, one day I told my husband “Let’s begin going to small trails, so I can learn to walk again ” And that’s what I did. Being in great pain and dizziness, I started walking about 20 meters every day, with the help of my husband and a cane.

And then, I started going a little further, and then some more, and then without the cane, or my husband, until he got me a bicycle, and it changed my life. The first thing that happened was the dizziness-brain fog started to reduce significantly. 

So, now I go for walks, I ride my bike and I’m in the process of beginning to run. I’m now 42 years old and I’m in the best physical condition ever and making my dream of becoming an herbalist come true.

I owe everything to God and Holy Mary, for leading me through this empowering journey. 

My husband and my companion, Yannis, who has never left my side through this bumpy ride, together we owe great gratitude to Dr. McDougall and his passionate search for the truth to help people be healthy and happy. He has been our guide and inspiration for us to search for the truth of health as well.


I am Yannis. Katerina’s husband. I’m a trail runner, instinctive Archery instructor and martial artist.

I’m 49 years old. I used to eat meat, dairy, oil and sweets. As a result, I had severe migraines and I was overweight. Although I was physically active and trained all my life, I wasn’t happy. 

Everything seemed to be flat and with no progress until the day I watched one of Dr. McDougall’s lectures. I was stunned. We have been told lies since the day we were born. I immediately started to educate myself. I was reading McDougall’s studies and watching videos. And of course, CHANGED my diet. IT WAS EASY AND I WASN’T HUNGRY. EVER. Not to mention, my training upgraded to an amazing level. 

Starch is the essential key. After being a Starchivore for 11 years, I’m the best version of myself. 

THANK YOU Dr. McDougall!!