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Kayla: Starch Made Her Diet Sustainable

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“I’m aging in reverse!”

I just wanted to take the time to say thank you for relentlessly preaching the truth about nutrition. You have helped so many people regain their health, including me!

I went vegan 3 years ago. Before this, I was 23 going on 45. I had no idea how to eat healthy, but I wanted to be leaner and healthier. I was constantly starving during the week on low calorie, high protein foods only to binge eat at restaurants on the weekends. I suffered from horrible stomach ulcers, hormonal acne and fatigue. After becoming vegan, my knowledge on nutrition definitely improved; however, trying to sustain myself on salads and fruits just drove me to vegan junk foods. I didn’t become vegan for health reasons. The Internet led me to expect some great health benefits, it was disappointing to still feel so “blah.” This all changed after reading The Starch Solution. Starch had been the missing component this whole time! Now that I’ve been eating all I want on a starch-based low fat diet for the past year, my cravings for junk food are practically nonexistent, my skin is clear, I have plenty of energy, and I’m slowly starting to feel more fit and lean rather than “skinny-fat” and tired. I feel as though I’m aging in reverse! It’s safe to say that 26-year-old me today would never want to go back and trade places with my younger self!

Thank you again! I have a strong family history of strokes, cancer, diabetes and hypertension. Now I feel hopeful that I can avoid most, if not all, of these ailments down the road. Thank you for giving me my health and vibrancy back!