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Jason Davis: The McDougall Immersion Program Changed My Life

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I just wanted to drop a line and let you all know how wonderful things have been for me since attending the McDougall Immersion Program last October.

I weighed 315 pounds.

This picture was taken at my mother’s funeral in September 2018. Her passing made me determined to make changes and waste no more time making excuses. I deserved better for myself, from myself.


By the time of the immersion in October 2019 I had dropped down to 253 pounds. I had definitely made some positive changes by that point but was still struggling with blood pressure and cholesterol issues. Here’s a pic of me on the trip:


In the 3 months since the immersion I’ve lost another 53 pounds, hitting a flat 200 pounds today and took this pic:


I’m still in awe of the way the Whole Food Plant Based lifestyle has changed my life. I eat so much food, rarely feel hungry and my body is able to do things I haven’t been able to do since I was teenager! My blood pressure has remained normal without medication (I was on two medications previously) and my cholesterol has remained low as well. My doctor is thrilled!

Also (and this makes me even happier than my own progress), my husband, Brett, has been “McDougalling” with me since I returned home and he’s lost 40 pounds so far himself! He is a much better cook than I am so I’m grateful he’s loving all of the food with me.

Both of us feel like we have been enlightened by this whole experience and we won’t be looking back. Even our temptations have mostly gone away, and we find we have cravings for things like raw vegetables! What is that?!

I could keep rambling but I really just want to say thank you times a million. I could not be more grateful for the life-changing information and wisdom I received from the entire McDougall team. Thank you so much.

With vast amounts of gratitude,

Jason Davis

Jason Davis Before and After

Update: Jason has lost over 80 pounds since attending the McDougall Program


The picture burning in my hand was taken on my 41st birthday, exactly 2 years ago. Last time I sent an update I weighed 200 pounds. I now weigh 170. That’s a total of 145 pounds lost in the last two years, and a total of 83 pounds lost since I attended the McDougall Immersion in October last year. (My final weigh-in was 253 there.)

My blood pressure remains perfectly normal without medication, and my cholesterol has stayed low. I’m now starting to build muscle in places I’ve never seen my entire life. I perfected a home workout routine since the pandemic began so I don’t have to go to the gym at all anymore, mostly using tools and techniques I learned about during your program.

I have given myself the best birthday gift that anyone could possibly give me. I’m a better husband, a better son, a better employee, a better friend. These changes not only give me physical wellness but mental wellness as well, and allow me to give more energy to all the things that matter most in my life.

So once again, my gratitude for everything all of you taught me is immense. I cannot possibly thank you enough for giving me the tools to succeed at this.

With lots of love and thanks,