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Donna Kondrak: Lost 60 lbs. No Longer Needs Diabetes Medications

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I feel like a different person and a very healthy one!!

Donna Kondrak: Before / After

I can’t believe it’s been a year since being a participant of your 10-day program where you changed my life so much for the better!! On the first day we met, you took me off of my BP medication, that I had been on for almost 25 years (Lisinopril) and my diabetic medicine (Metformin) that I was on for more than 2 years. These were medications I thought would forever be a part of my life. A nurse practitioner, who I’ve seen a few times at my general physician’s office, was so impressed with my blood work changes, as well as my weight loss, that she has asked me to speak at a diabetic group she is getting together to talk about nutrition. Me!! That day I was on a total high!!! Presently my glucose in the morning reads 86 most days and my BP 117/70. Can’t get much better!!

From the day I met you, which was March 4, 2016, I continue to be off those medications but to make life even better, I no longer need to wear a knee high Sigvaris stocking on my left leg that I’d been wearing since the birth of my daughter, Melissa, 35 years ago!! I have a history of blood clots and bad circulation but because of eating whole food, plant-based (WFPB), my condition has greatly improved and I’m loving it!!! 🙂 Another awesome result has been my ability to lose 60 lbs!! I feel like a different person and a very healthy one!! I have a goal of losing 20-30 lbs more in the coming year. The greatest thing is knowing it is possible!!! Having kept these 60 lbs off an entire year is amazing! I KNOW I haven’t done that with any diet EVER in my adult life.

Although it’s been awhile I have been on this lifestyle, recently my daughter, Cheryl, who I love dearly, has started WFPB and is so happy she did! Her energy and overall physical feelings have improved already! I know the days ahead she will continue to be thankful she has changed her lifestyle. Also, a month after I returned home a very close friend of mine, Kyle, started WFPB. She was on the Paleo diet yet is totally loving her Starch Solution so much better! Her weight has gone down 40 lbs and she continues her enjoyment of seeing results.

My husband, Steve, was also a participant at your program and he is also WFPB. He is such an awesome support for me as well as totally enjoying the meals I am making. He has lost 19 lbs (I didn’t think he needed to lose any!), and is thrilled living this lifestyle as well. Steve didn’t have any health issues when we came to California and he still doesn’t!! 🙂 YES!!!!!

We both want to thank you immensely for your knowledge, thoughtfulness, and your caring natures that have given us both this gift! You will always be in our hearts.

Donna Kondrak