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With a heavy heart, we share the news of Dr. John McDougall’s passing. A visionary physician and author, beloved husband, father, grandfather, brother, mentor and friend, Dr. McDougall died peacefully at his home on Saturday, June 22nd, at the age of 77.

Randy: Lost over 70 pounds and is off all medications after 2 Transient Ischemic Attacks in 6 months

The fundamentals of the McDougall Program are simple yet often difficult to implement. Star McDougallers have either adopted the Program themselves by learning from our website and books or joining one of our programs. For personalized help, learn more about the 12-Day McDougall Program. For questions on whether a change in diet can help your ailment, learn more about our consultations.
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Randy had 2 Transient Ischemic Attacks in 6 months.

Randy had two Transient Ischemic Attacks in six months, was on high blood pressure medication for over 30 years, had an angioplasty after a heart attack and weighed over 245 pounds. Then he watched Forks over Knives and read Dr. McDougall’s books and postings on the website. This changed his life. He has lost over 70 pounds, is off all medications and is feeling fantastic!