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Ronald M. Krauss, MD – The Doctor Who Made Lard-eating Fashionable

Updated March 31, 2014

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*If I (Dr. John McDougall) were publicly referred to as “Dr. Potato” or “Dr. Vegetable,” I would consider this reference to be a compliment. I would not be offended. Such a descriptive title would mean that I have accurately communicated my beliefs about good nutrition. Thus, Dr. Krauss shall be known as “Dr. Lard.”

Ronald M. Krauss, MD is a well-publicized author in both the lay press and medical journals. He is a UCSF Adjuvant Professor, Endocrinologist, and the Director of Atherosclerosis Research at Children’s Hospital Oakland Research Institute. Dr. Krauss’ work has provided one of the most important foundations for popular discussions about how eating meat, dairy, and eggs are not health hazards for people. Even though it may not have been a direct intention of Dr. Krauss, lard is back on the dinner table thanks in part to his publications.

Dr. Krauss has not acted alone in turning nutrition wisdom on its head. Robert Atkins, MD of the Atkins Diet fame, Gary Taubes (science-writer) and best-selling authors William Davis, MD (Wheat Belly), and David Perlmutter, MD (Grain Brain) have made valuable contributions to this latest trend.