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Webinar: 03/02/17, Part Two: Dr. McDougall’s Medicine: Digestive Tune-Up, Session #1

Updated March 6, 2017

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Dr. McDougall’s Medicine: Digestive Tune-Up Session #1, Webinar 03/02/17 Part Two

Title: Dr. McDougall’s Medicine: Digestive Tune-Up Session #1.
Description: In this live webinar, Dr. John McDougall, MD, discusses chapter 4 of his book Digestive Tune-Up: My Stomach’s on Fire and I Can’t Put It Out!
Presenter: Dr. John A. McDougall, MD
Host: Moderator, Gustavo Tolosa, DMA
Recorded: March 2, 2017
Note: Please make sure you read Chapter 4 to get the most out of this webinar series. Also see the 2002 McDougall Newsletters regarding Digestive Tune-Up.

Also see Part One: Webinar: 03/02/17, Part One: Dr. McDougall talks about the February 2017 newsletter