Shelly: Finds The Starch Solution and Regains Her Life

Updated January 7, 2019

“I feel fantastic!”


I started my journey on the McDougall program in the winter of 2016. When I began, I was 275 pounds. The weight took a toll on my 5’ frame—I developed knee problems, depression, was pre-diabetic, and had absolutely no energy.

I found and started following The Starch Solution at this time. Not only did my energy level improve almost immediately, it also seemed to curb my urge to eat when I wasn’t hungry. I steadily lost the weight, and now I’m down to about 140 pounds.

I feel fantastic! I feel like this lifestyle has given me a second chance. I have so much energy! I now enjoy an active lifestyle. I love to hike, run, and skate in my spare time.

I just want to thank Dr. McDougall and Mary for the work that they do. It saved my life!