October 2004

Vol. 3    No. 10

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Open Letter from Michael Greger, MD

Response to a Threatened Atkins Lawsuit

In an attempt to silence criticism about their low-carbohydrate, high-fat diet, the Atkins Diet Corporation has threatened to sue me for defamation.  My attempts to educate public about the very real dangers associated with their diet are on my website at http://www.AtkinsFacts.org.

I also have posted their threatening letter on the website for all to see, along with an extensive point-by-point rebuttal. Please visit this site to see their letter: http://www.AtkinsExposed.org/atkins/135/Corporate_Threat.htm.

Please forward any comments to me at:

-Michael Greger, M.D.


and visit:


PS:  I have also been threatened by the Atkins organization.  Specifically, for my role in informing the public that Dr. Atkinsí remains revealed he was overweight and sick, his wife, Veronica Atkins, filed a complaint against me with my Hawaii State Medical License Board.   Other doctors who have spoken out against this hazardous diet have, likewise, felt the threat of legal action and other harm from the Atkins people.  What they fail to understand is their efforts only encourage us to work harder to correct misinformation that is harming millions of people.

John McDougall, MD

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