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Vickie Barlow: Lost 63 lbs, No Longer has Gout or Arthritis

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I am so happy that I found Dr. McDougall.

Vickie Barlow: Before / After

I have been gaining weight for the past 20 years and could never understand why I had such a challenge loosing weight. I thought I was eating healthy foods and not eating very much.  I was on BP medications and water retention pills as my feet and ankles would swell up.  I was increasingly getting gout in my feet and ankles.

I found Dr. McDougall at the end of July 2016 and have been on his program ever since.  As long as I don’t eat any oil I don’t get gout or arthritis.  I am completely off my BP meds and off of the water retention pills.  I am loving the food that I eat and this is my lifestyle!  Some people ask about my diet, but it’s not a diet to me: it is the way I live.  To top it off as of April 2017 I have lost 63 pounds.

I am so thankful to Dr. John McDougall and I’m telling everyone I know to check out his program and to follow him on YouTube!  I know a few people who have told me they are doing the program and I’m anxious to see where this may lead to for them!


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