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Sheldon: The Starch Solution Was My Solution

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Everything I saw, I ate!


Many years ago, I was a 253 blob of a man with a cholesterol of 420. My best friend was a doctor who told me to just watch what I eat. That was the problem—everything I saw, I ate!

Realizing I had to take accountability for myself, I began the task of getting healthy. How I never had a heart attack was a miracle in itself. I followed many diets to no avail. Eventually, I read Nathan Pritikin’s books and started eating a diet consisting of nothing with a mother or father and lots of vegetables and fresh fruit. I did well on the program but felt too restricted and for one reason or another I was back to a bad diet. Fast forward 30 years and my weight was fluctuating from 220 to 240 while on a number of cholesterol drugs, niacin and whatever else would help. I was confused and frustrated.  A life of deprivation is just no fun.

At age 60, I won the right to have an ablation for atrial flutter. That was the wakeup call.  I studied and researched and got rid of as much stress as I could. I even divorced my wife of 42 years – lots of stress there! Biking and working out became an obsession, but you can’t outwork a bad diet.  So, I read and researched again. I found the work of T. Colin Campbell, Dr. Ornish, Dr. Esselstyn, Dr. Barnard and all those who believe in a plant based whole food diet.  I even read How Not To Die by Dr. Gregor. I sucked the information in like a sponge.


Somehow while searching YouTube, I discovered Dr. McDougall. How lucky for me because The Starch Solution was my solution!  So easy, so tasty, no limitations on volume and all comfort food…heaven at last! And the weight melted off of me.  I won’t bore you with the journey as I’m still on it, but I had to actually put on 10 pounds because even my doctor said 160 pounds at 6’2” was looking too lean. I think the best part of your program is that a little ketchup or sugar is okay, but just watch it. That in itself makes for no deprivation. I still laugh when people ask me how I lost all the weight and I tell them to just eat carbs! They don’t get it.

In short, because of you I have gone from 256 pounds down to a low of 160 pounds and back up to a healthy 170 pounds.  A waist from 48 to 30 inches. I work out 3-4 times per week with weights, some cardio and I have completed four 100-mile bike rides for charity. My life partner is 15 years younger than me (I’m 73), so it’s important for me to slow the aging process down as much as possible.

Here are my current labs:

Total Cholesterol: 85 – Yes, not 185 but 85!
HDL: 52
LDL: 25
Triglycerides: 39
Glucose: 79

My preventive cardiologist says I have the lowest numbers he has ever seen.  He kind of got me on the right track because he only eats fish and vegetables. I told him to cut out the fish but he says I’m just too disciplined.  It makes me laugh. Yes, I’m really disciplined—when I get hungry I have a re-baked potato for a snack and never count calories or volumes.

Thank you so much for all of your tenacity and dedication. Don’t give up—the animals, this earth and people like me greatly appreciate all you have, and continue, to do for people and not for big Pharma. I just signed up for your mailings and am looking forward to one of your future programs.  Thanks again for giving me my life back. When I finally get to meet you, I can thank you in person and I am looking forward to it.