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Maralyn Millar: Free of Pain & Discomfort from Rheumatoid Arthritis

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I am so excited and thankful because after having followed the McDougall Diet, I am absolutely free of pain and discomfort from my Rheumatoid Arthritis.

I have always been healthy and energetic so when this disease hit me out of the blue, I was shocked. Overnight, I became very disabled. The pain was horrific.

I could not safely lift my baby grandchild, let alone dress myself or cut up vegetables. I couldn’t put the key in the door and I had to lift the bedclothes with my teeth. During the night I would have to get up often to soak my hands in warm water to relieve the agony. My walking was affected as well. I even researched Stair Chair Lifts because I was sure I would need one in my two story home.

As well, I felt overwhelmed, frightened, very ill and extremely tired. I was grief-stricken and I felt so alone.

My Rheumatologist was adamant that I should start on Methotrexate and strong anti inflammatory drugs “immediately.”

I was not interested in compromising my immune system further and indeed my healthy organs with strong drugs, so I declined her offer and searched the Web for an alternative solution.

Luckily, I found Dr. McDougall on youtube. I was immediately comfortable with his sincerity and vast knowledge.

I was so impressed with Dr.

I loved that I could use the “SEARCH “ feature and get the answer to anything that was concerning me. The recipes are so helpful as well.  I found enormous strength from watching the testimonials.

After about four months of uninterrupted effort, I am completely pain free.

My blood tests are normal. My Cholesterol is at a healthy level and a rash which was lingering on my legs has gone. I am noticeably calmer. My fingernails which used to chip are strong and I no longer get night cramps.

I have not taken any medication other than a very occasional pain killer though this whole exercise.

I actually felt immediate relief after about a week and I felt really well exactly two months to the day, but it took about four months, to feel perfect.

I am enjoying a busy, outrageous retirement. I run a Movie Club, belong to a Writing Group and enjoying Live Theatre and Galleries.  As well I organize Travel events and tutor English as a volunteer and I love hanging out with my gorgeous grandsons aged 2 and 9.

When I first started this diet I didn’t know how I would manage socially but I have now worked out clever ways to socialize and travel.

I take Dr. McDougall’s Right Food Pad Thai on the plane and book an Airbnb so that I can cook simple nourishing food.

I know how scary the transition to this new ‘lifestyle’ can feel (especially when feeling very unwell) so I would really like to start a Support Group here in Australia for autoimmune disease sufferers and those who simply value their health. I would love to share my findings and give back in appreciation for my wonderful results. If you would like to contact me my email is

By the way, my daughter and her family now follow The McDougall Diet. This was not prompted by me, but motivated by my miraculous recovery and the Forks Over Knives Documentary.

Finally, I would like to thank Dr McDougall and his wife Mary. They are my absolute heroes! I thank them from the bottom of my heart.

With best wishes from Maralyn Millar from ‘down under’ Melbourne Australia.

Also watch Maralyn Millar’s Video.