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Diet Therapy: The Prevention and Cure of Common Diseases

Updated February 28, 2017

For my entire medical career, spanning half a century, the pot of gold to be made from sick people has been tapped into almost exclusively by the pharmaceutical, surgical, radiation, device, screening, and hospital and healthcare provider industries. The economics are changing, fortunately, as the news spreads that “food poisoning” (due to subsisting on the rich Western diet) is the cause of most of our chronic diseases, and that diet therapy will prevent and cure most of these patients. You can become a dominating part of this multi-trillion-dollar medical-care business (about $9,990 annually per US citizen) by practicing diet therapy: the prevention and cure of common diseases by teaching patients how to stop food poisoning (via the standard American diet) and how to eat food that supports good health (like the McDougall diet).

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