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Newsletter Subject Index 2002-2003

January 2002

    • Halitosis Is More than Bad Breath
    • Vegetarians Live Longer
    • Immediate Harm from One Fatty Meal


February 2002

    • My Stomach’s on Fire and I Can’t Put It Out
    • Mammography is Unjustified–A Letter Few Newspapers Will Print
    • The Heart Association Condemns High-Protein Diets
    • Join the National Weight Control Registry


March 2002

    • Don’t Burn Holes in Your Stomach
    • Diet and Diabetes: The Meat of the Matter
    • Too Much Fat Causes Diabetes
    • Don’t Sleep Yourself to Death
    • Back Seat Passengers May Kill You


April 2002

    • A Stone-Free and Happy Gallbladder
    • Potatoes Are Pillars of Worldwide Nutrition
    • Vitamin A and Hip Fractures
    • Rheumatoid Arthritis study by Dr. McDougall Released


May 2002

    • Die With Your Gallstones
    • No Breast Self Examination
    • Prostate Trouble from Your Food
    • Exercise Lowers Blood Pressure


June 2002

    • The Liver – Savior from Our Own Abuses
    • Health Myths Dispelled: Omega 3 “Good” Fats
    • Atkins’ Diet and His Cardiac Arrest
    • Dairy Industry Admits They Sell Death


July 2002

    • The Pancreas – Under Attack by Cow-Milk
    • Nutrition Committee and AHA Battle
    • What’s a Woman to Do? Stop HRT Says Major Study
    • Antioxidant Vitamins (in Foods) Prevent Alzheimer’s Disease


August 2002

    • Bad Farts? Meat Stinks!
    • Phytochemicals and Phytoestrogens
    • Take Blood Pressure at Home – Get Off Your Medications
    • Change History & Save Lives: Write to the American Heart Association


September 2002

    • In Search of the Perfect Bowel Movement
    • Cholesterol – When and How to Treat
    • Treat “High Normal” Hypothyroidism
    • Vegetarian Times Spreads Protein Misinformation


October 2002

    • Straining for Relief – Damage Everywhere
    • Are You a Sickly Vegetarian (Vegan)?
    • Acrylamide – Do Carbohydrates Cause Cancer?
    • Teach Your Unborn Healthy Foods


November 2002

    • Chained to the Bathroom
    • Atkins Diet Is As Good as Chemotherapy for Weight Loss
    • Successful Weight Loss Tips
    • The American Heart Association Continues to Harm the Public


December 2002

  • Colon Polyps and Colon Cancer – The End Result of Daily Dietary Abuse
  • American Forces Roll on Top of Iraqi Troops
  • Diet for the Desperate
  • Exercise Does Not Lower Cholesterol
January 2003

    • Can We Afford Bad Health?
    • Taming Elevated Triglycerides, Insulin Resistance, and Syndrome X
    • The Right Diet Will Save Your Bones
    • The McDougall Diet Supported by the Most Ancient Clinical Trial – According to the New England Journal of Medicine


February 2003

    • Saving Yourself from Cancer – the Prostate (case in point)
    • Fish is Not Health Food
    • Niacin – A Time Honored Treatment for Cholesterol and Triglycerides
    • Vegan Diet Damages Baby’s Brain – Sensationalism!


March 2003

    • A World of Hope and Dreams – Early Detection – The Example – Prostate Cancer
    • Restrict Protein – Save Your Kidneys
    • Project Healthy Beginnings Sponsors California Resolution for Healthier School Lunches
    • Parents and Grandparents, Unite – Act Now To Change the World


April 2003

    • Dairy Products – 10 False Promises
    • Prevent Breast Cancer with Aspirin and Motrin – Not!
    • Weight Watchers Fail to Shed Pounds
    • Eating Out Mexican Style


May 2003

    • Marketing Milk and Disease
    • Understanding the New Atkins Research
    • Everybody Will Be Taking Blood Pressure Pills Soon
    • Eating Out in a Thai Restaurant


June 2003

    • SARS Protection – More than a Face Mask
    • Cure Your “Beef Habit” Today with a Little Mad Cow
    • Cleaning Out Your Arteries
    • Eating Out in a Sandwich Shop


July 2003

    • Meat in the Human Diet
    • New Trans-Fat Labels for 2006 – too little, too late
    • How Do I Gain Weight on the McDougall Diet? I’m Not Joking!


August 2003

    • Plants, not Pills, for Vitamins and Minerals
    • Life with the McDougalls in Costa Rica is a Daring Adventure
    • Lower Cholesterol for Improved Cancer Survival
    • Suck Carrots, High Protein Diet Advocates


September 2003

    • Building Your Own High-Performance Athletic Body
    • Proof that the Atkins Diet Works Like Chemotherapy By Sickness-Induced Starvation
    • Good Cholesterol “Worsens” with McDougall?
    • Just Established this Month – A Way to Make a Difference The McDougall Research & Education Foundation


October 2003

    • Surviving the Cold Season
    • The South Beach Diet
    • Favorite Five: The Constipated New England Journal of Medicine; Soon Diabetes Will Be Normal Like Obesity; Antibiotic Won’t Cure Your Heart Disease; It’s Easier To Skip The Burger Than Walk; American Doctors Damage More Breasts and Women


November 2003

    • The Myth About Meat
    • Acne Has Everything to do With Diet
    • Report from the First Alumni Weekend (Held November 7 to 9, 2003 )
    • My Favorite Five: Treatment of Blood Pressure Can Make You Stupid Pharmaceutical Industries Selectively Report (Lie about) Scientific Findings Do Microwave Ovens Destroy Nutrients in Food? Take a Tomato, Not a Pill, for Your Prostate Don’t Stop Aspirin if You Are a Heart Patient


December 2003

  • A Brief History of Protein: Passion, Social Bigotry, Rats, and Enlightenment
  • USDA Misleading American Public about Beef Safety
  • Macular Degeneration: Blind from the Western Diet