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Webinar: 06/09/16, Dr. McDougall at Home, Part 1

Updated June 10, 2016

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Dr. McDougall at Home, Part 1, Webinar 06-09-16

Title: Dr. McDougall at Home, Part 1
Description: In this live webinar Dr. McDougall talks about these topics: obesity and food poisoning; smoothies and juices; his new book “The Healthiest Diet On The Planet”; Being hungry all the time; athletes on a starch-based diet; avocados and nuts; acid/alkaline in a starch-based diet; osteoporosis; kidneys function and protein; menstrual cycles, early puberty and harming children with food.
Host: Moderator, Gustavo Tolosa, DMA
Presenter: John McDougall, MD
Recorded: June 9, 2016