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John McDougall, MD: Period Pain & Diet

Updated January 3, 2024

Join us for a live stream with Heather McDougall, Dr. John McDougall, and Mary McDougall as they share valuable insights on maintaining a healthy menstrual cycle. The discussion will cover recent health topics such as randomized control trials, the impact of GLP-1, the breakthrough in monoclonal antibodies for Alzheimer’s, and the harsh reality of the beverage industry. Tune in at 21:10 to discover the secret to a perfect period.

In the Q&A session, Dr. McDougall addresses your health questions, covering various topics such as creating a diet for healthy menstrual cycles, explaining his eating plan for Morphea, discussing the Starch Solution for Hyper Nephrosis, providing insights on curing Aorticlorsis, addressing challenges with multiple intolerances due to a plant-based diet, exploring the potential of diet in treating depression, discussing medication for gallstones, sharing insights on type 1.5 Diabetes, providing guidance on dealing with sugar addiction, and revealing surprising facts about lactose tolerance in black people.

Don’t miss a Special Announcement at 53:52.

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