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10-Day Live-in Program Testimonials

Updated December 1, 2013

“As an internal medicine physician, I can honestly say that your program is, by far, the most effective way for any patient to regain their lost health, cure their chronic diseases, and eliminate the majority, if not all of their medications. The time you make available, as well as the depth to which you get to know each and every patient demonstrates your sincere care and investment in those lucky enough to have you as their doctor. I believe that most physicians could only hope to get just a fraction of the results you are able to obtain, let alone achieve them in a mere 10 days (as personally witnessed during both programs I attended).” — Matthew Lederman, MD

“If I ever have a concern or a question, all I have to do is email Dr. John and I usually have a response within the hour. I never received that kind of service from any of my other doctors and I live within one mile of their offices.” — Mary Duffield

“It has been more than twelve years since Marcia and I attended our first of two 10-day programs. With you, and for the first time, we gained a fuller and necessary understanding of what health is all about and how very critical our eating habits are in accomplishing that goal. Previously each of us had been involved with one of the nations most prestigious clinics for physicals. There we felt we had received good information, yet our experience with you, Mary and your qualified staff took us to another level of understanding how our food choices are, without doubt, the single most important decision we make for better health.” — Bob and Marcia Bailey

“I attended the McDougall 10-day live-in program 11 months ago and no longer take any medication and have lost 40 pounds! I’m sure I’ve saved close to the cost of the program in my food bills and co-pays for doctor visits and drugs.” — Tim Tango

“I have been prescription-free since completing the 10-day program — I have changed how I eat and how I think about medicine and the medical community. I am losing weight and feeling great. I can’t recommend the McDougall 10-Day Program enough – it has truly changed my life.” — Karen Casella

“Since he’s spending lots of time with the 10-day participants, Dr. McDougall can sometimes notice things that other doctors might if they spent more time with patients! Without immersion in a residential program, a gradual transition to the low-fat plant-based diet is hard, to say the least. In the grand scheme of things, the time and money invested were inconsequential.” — Dave Camp

“The program is very well thought out and I can’t think of anyway to improve on it. You are taught how to prepare the food, how to read ingredient labels, how to shop for nutritious food, what to order when dining out, I could go on and on — they didn’t leave anything out. The best part is,” IT WORKS.” Denny is off all his prescription medication for heart disease and is feeling fine, I have a normal cholesterol reading and my psoriatic arthritis is greatly improved.” — Denny and Lona Kiser

“I came reluctantly to the 10-day program; I was supporting my wife, Jill. My cholesterol is down, my blood pressure is down to 110/65 mmHg, I have not had a cluster headache in the 3 years since the 10-day program and periodontal disease is gone. I have lost 10 pounds, feel better, can concentrate much better, and I feel I am in control of my health. I highly recommend the 10-day program to anyone.” — Doug Princehouse

“Hardly a day goes by when I don’t reflect on the McDougall Program, and the wonderful team at Santa Rosa. Your program is really the gold standard for me, and the benefits have flowed on to not only my family, and myself but to every patient I see. My health, and that of my family, remains perfect. Adherence to a vegan diet is now completely automatic for us, with the kids regularly explaining to their teachers why dairy is lousy for your health! My eldest daughter is using articles from your newsletters for her school project on nutrition. So comprehensive is your material, and your programs, that I lament frequently that I don’t live in the US. I would be a regular visitor to Santa Rosa for the 10-day program, and the Advanced Study weekends, if I did. Thank you John for being my 2nd opinion about all things medical.” — Andrew Morris, MD

“The greatest benefit of the program was to hear and learn the SPECIFIC STEPS to improve my health and live a more fulfilling life. Since these “vacations,” I feel better (no chest pains), am more active, and have obtained the added potential for fewer doctor visits and hospital stays.” — Ron Ashworth

“Truly, our lives have changed because of Dr. McDougall. We no longer follow medical advice blindly. We are educated consumers and take an active part in the decisions that need to be made. We have discontinued almost all our medications, finding they are no longer necessary. Preparing McDougall food is inexpensive and is as easy or “gourmet” as you care to make it, and we no longer feel the guilt associated with factory farming.” — Betty and Rob Bryant

“The program was, in a word, amazing. With any program, you approach it with some doubt as to what can be achieved. That you feel the results by feeling better and the results show up in tests: for me my blood pressure actually remained around 120/80 to 85 whilst I stopped taking 10mg of an ace inhibitor (a high dose) and halving a beta blocker from 25mg to 12.5 mg which was amazing. These results have been maintained except for when I slipped up over Xmas/New Year where they went up a touch but are now back to 115/78. My cholesterol levels which where 4.3 dropped to around 3.5 (approximately 135) and uric acid levels improved. I have not had any gouty twinges since the program and do not take allopurinol any more. That, in itself, was worth the program as gout is most painful. When you add up the cost of the program and look at what is included i.e. food, good resort style accommodations, outings, exercise for all levels, great lectures and the attention by yourself and the team, it is a cheap life changing experience.  P.S. I’ll be back.” — Perry Zoelfel

“Your guidance and friendship has been the high point of my adult life. When we met I was a dying man very inactive. Due to you I am a scuba diver, diving the world, with my wife who also follows your program.  Being evolved with you and yours has been the joy of my life. This was the best investment of time and money of my life. Those out there hooked on the great American health scam and diet, should run, not walk, to you to live longer, happier, more fulfilled in their lives.” — Ron Dion

“I attended Dr. McDougall’s 10-day program because I didn’t have the mental discipline to commit to this wonderful way of life without a little help from Dr. McD and Mary. And I trust Dr. McDougall implicitly and wanted him to be my personal doctor. Before I make any major medical decisions, I wanted the ability to consult Dr. McDougall.  John and Mary are wonderful, caring people with huge hearts. Their staff are always great to deal with and have the same caring, loving attitude as Dr. McD has.  I have lost over 40 pounds in less than 5 months. My blood pressure and cholesterol are normal for the first time in many years and I am taking no meds for these conditions. I feel great and have TONS of energy. Not bad for a 54 year old couch potato! The 10 day program was the best possible investment I could make in myself and very cheap compared to long term medical care for a chronic condition or the short and long term costs of a coronary bypass or diabetes management or any number of debilitating diseases curable or preventable by Dr. McDougall’s simple and effective program.  And Dr. McDougall lives what he preaches. Mary and John McDougall are not out to sell you supplements or generate recurring revenues from you, they simply care about people and can back up the huge benefits of their program with studies and facts. I firmly believe there is no better way to improve your short and long term quality of life and longevity than Dr. McD’s 10-day program.” — Lew Lepley

“The medical consultations, daily lectures and superb food made for a truly memorable experience.  In my opinion everyone could greatly benefit by attending your 10-day live-program.” — John A. Moss

“I have only wonderful things to say about my 10-day live-in experience. I had read your books and had tried to follow the program at home but felt I needed to come and learn more. And I certainly did! Every lecture was filled with inspiration and the information I was looking for. The cooking classes also helped me know how to better prepare healthy and tasty meals. I also had the opportunity to try different types of exercise so I could learn what would best fit into my lifestyle after I returned home. The 10 days gave my taste buds a chance to enjoy healthy foods without the added fats, sugars, additives and preservatives. I also gained some wonderful friends. I’ve been back more than once and look forward to coming again! Thanks for all you have done for me and for others.” — Kaydee

“A Five Star Program Rating: Every detail of the 10-day program was attended to. As a present owner/operator of my own business, I understand what must take place behind the scenes to ‘make it all work’ so that it looks like there was no work behind it! (Wrong!) These people are Pros! The whole staff are Pros., and the educators they have coming in to do lectures/lessons are Pros! The resort is amazing, the ‘mile long’ buffets and family style round tables make every meal a true pleasure. Everything is spot on and I would not miss a chance to attend if you are thinking about it!” — Sharlene May

“I had been aware of Dr. McDougall’s philosophy and principles of diet and life style for about 15 years, and followed the plan off and on, about 75 %. Over those years, I always wanted to go to the 10 day live in program, but kept putting it off, mostly because I thought I already knew everything. What else could I possibly learn? If I was non-compliant, it was only a matter of my frame of mind. I thought it would be an expensive indulgence since I already had all the information. But then in late 2005 I was treated for breast cancer. That is when I decided I must attend the live-in clinic so I could do the absolute best job I could of taking care of myself, and my immune system. Not only did I learn so many new things, but I learned about the science which influences all John McDougall’s recommendations. The food was really wonderful. The accommodations were great. The speakers and presenters were all experts in their fields and wonderfully warm and caring people, as are John and Mary McDougall. The exercise and yoga classes were also great. Physical activity was an important part of every day. The days were jam-packed and I was never bored or disinterested. Every presentation offered something new for me. What I gained from attending the live-in clinic was much more than I ever thought possible. I left there being totally committed to living my life following the principles I learned at the clinic. My husband and I now continue to follow a low-fat plant based diet and exercise everyday. Am I a big fan? You bet I am. There is no intelligent reason not to be.” — Ola and Jim

“I recently came to believe that food is the biggest environmental variable that affects my short- and long-term health. Only I can control what I eat and how I exercise. But making a food/diet change is a huge cultural challenge requiring commitment, knowledge, and support so I decided to attend the 10-day program in hopes of finding what I needed to be successful. The intellectual education convinced me that a vegan diet is essential for my health, supporting my commitment. By the end of the 10 days I felt physically better than I had for years, and still do. My joints quit aching, I sleep far better, and I began to lose some weight. When I “stand down” for a meal or two to go with the flow of what I’m being served by others, or when I have a glass or two of wine, I feel the difference by sleeping more fitfully or feeling less energetic or upbeat. All it takes to return to feeling better is to go back to my diet.” — Jan Hawkins

“The reason that I attended the 10-day program was two-fold, first and foremost, I wanted Dr. McDougall to become my personal physician, since I was having some serious medical issues. Second, I had followed the McDougall plan on and off for over 10 years and was having trouble with my motivation in order to get off the last lingering pounds. The program is amazing, it is filled with interesting, fact-filled lectures, fun and exciting exercise and lots and lots of good, healthful food. There is no price one can put on their health and every penny spent getting to the program was money well spent and I hope to attend the program again in the coming years. Not only did I personally lose 35 total cholesterol points in just 7 days, but some of my peers lost between 50-70 points in that same time frame. The results in just 7 days are startling and eye-opening! Just by following a primarily starch based diet and eating the proper foods, one may achieve a high degree of heath and vitality. During the program, the food choices are incredible, we had everything from lasagna to tacos and everything in between. You will not go hungry. Personally, I’m doing well. I’ve continued my weight loss and am losing about 1.5-2 pounds/week and my blood pressure has normalized at 130/70, un-medicated.” — Sue Demkowicz