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12-Day McDougall Program Testimonials

Updated June 24, 2022

“I am off all my medications, and slowly losing weight and working out daily. This all started on day one of your program! Seeing how easy that happened, I am really excited to experience the transformation of my health going forward. I am a believer!” – Doreen W.

“It was a wonderful experience and truly the best money ever spent. I know that I can definitely follow the McDougall diet all my life!” – Maria

“The course was presented like a well-orchestrated symphony, starting was the basic foundational facts and building step-by-step building towards the climactic ending. When the course was finished, every participant with whom I talked felt like they had the tools to go forward with confidence. I simply do not have the words to describe my depth of gratitude to all of you for sharing such life-changing information. Thank you so much!” – Deb E.

“It provided a great safety net to come off meds and be supported by Dr. Lim whilst learning how to ensure you can stay off them.” – Theresa B.


“Even though I had participated in the residential program before, I still benefited from the online version. There were new lectures and handouts I had never seen. I was very impressed with how organized and user-friendly the Kajabi platform was. One of the most important points to me is that everyone on the McDougall team is so friendly and supportive. Their care and concern for our well-being is quite apparent. I really appreciate that. Thank you! It was really nice to see everyone again.” – Wendy C.

“I am truly grateful for having found Dr. McDougall five years ago when I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I radically changed my diet. Without Dr. McDougall I would not be here today.” – Lucy

“I learned so much more than I expected. The entire staff was fantastic and easy to work with- and very approachable. I got what I wanted out of the course and much more. I really appreciated the research aspect- not just theories but proven in unbiased ways.” – Lori Ann

“The course is just so much more than advertised. Or at least it’s hard to imagine how an online course can really transform you so personally. It’s given me a community, a vital support system. That’s probably the biggest surprise to me. Every single staff brought something different but valuable to the program and learning experience. The passion and personalities of each of you shine through. It’s a real testament to Dr. McDougall and his work, that so many talented people want to work with him and promote this diet, it’s a legacy.” – Sarah B.

“I loved all the lectures. Jeff Novick gave a lot of nutritional info that has helped me to understand whole-food plant-based eating and how to make it sustainable.” – Lynn M.

“I’m glad I did it! It’s good to be off all medication and Dr. Lim’s ok to do that will make it easier to face my doctor!” – Ann C.

“The check-ins are so helpful in walking me through real life and applying the many tools we are learning. Dr. Lim and Kori listen, are supportive and encouraging. I came with some fears and frustrations and I’m being filled with hope and serenity as I watch my body heal.” – Veronica

“I absolutely loved this course and feel that the investment in myself was worth every single penny. I loved this experience with all of my heart and now feel like I am part of the McDougall family!” – Sarah

“I really like that the course doesn’t just focus on food, but rather your whole lifestyle. I also loved that I could interact directly with Dr. McDougall.” –  Christine S

“It was so well organized and provided a perfect balance of information and practical application. I also think that by doing it from my home I was able to immediately make changes in real time. As Dr. Lim said at graduation we lost weight while feeding ourselves! While it was very overwhelming at first, the encouragement and kindness of the whole team made it doable.” – Janet

“A huge thank you to all involved. And I would like to say that having Stacy as my support specialist is truly a blessing. She gave me such encouragement and wisdom at every meeting. I could not have made it through without her and am so excited to have her by my side for the year. She is a gem!” – Janet

“I liked that we were engaged with the speakers and staff. The morning check-ins allowed for accountability and made me feel like I was a partner in my health & not just a patient.” – Shirley

“The program has been so wonderful thus far. It’s doing everything I hoped it would do, and more. I have read so many books – from Drs. Esselstyn, Caldwell, Greger, Barnard, Bulsiewicz, the Drs. Sherzai – I didn’t expect to learn many new things. I was looking more for community and support. I didn’t expect to learn so many new things! In every lecture and discussion, I’m learning something new. It’s really exciting. Such a fun day and I cannot wait for the rest of the week.” – Beth W.

“I like that we could have our questions answered by the experts. It felt like they were living what they were presenting. That this lifestyle could be very achievable and practical.” – Marilyn R.

“I can eat starch without feeling guilty that I am eating too many carbs. I really had to do it and see results to believe it. I have been so brainwashed that high protein, low carb is best. My doctor had told me to go on the keto diet to lose weight and I was so frustrated knowing intuitively that would not be good for my high cholesterol issue. I am now eating until full, and eating foods that are so satisfying.” – Jan

“The course was packed full of great information presented in a way that was understandable and motivational. The live lectures and chats made me feel like I was part of the McDougall family! The course exceeded my expectations. It was awesome!” – Julie W.

“I was not expecting to get so much on the psychological support – I was expecting mostly “food talk”. Dr. Lisle is wonderful. The enthusiasm and energy of all the presenters was very motivating and inspirational.” – Agnes

“Loved the morning chats with the McDougall family. It was great to have access to Dr. McDougall to ask all my questions and listen to his responses to others.” – Lori R.

“So many aspects of health were presented, including exercise, behavior, self-control, eating in social situations and so many questions were answered. So many helpful tips and ways to make this eating plan work and to sustain it.” –  Katherine B.

“This course is a game changer for me. I use to spend numerous hours in the kitchen cleaning vegetables, chopping vegetables, cleaning fruit, making grocery lists for items I had never heard of, (and probably will not ever use again) and making dishes that took hours! The course has set me free from all that! I plan to look over my current collection of recipes and toss about 95% of them, and insert McDougall recipes instead! Mary’s handouts were very helpful listing items to stock your pantry with items that are familiar to me. I cannot thank all the McDougall Program Staff, and the Program itself enough for this wonderful gift you have given me.” – Sharon H.

“The course gave me the motivation and information to improve my diet in order to reach my goals. Now I know what others mean when they say it was life-changing. The course showed me how sustainable this way of eating is, which makes my goals seem reachable and realistic. Surprisingly I really enjoyed the morning meet-ups with other participants very much. We learned a lot from each other.” – Barbara M.

“This program has reset my focus in a more realistic way to improve my life. I appreciate all the information and tips that will make my journey more successful. Thanks to all of you for your dedication to helping us through this fabulous transition.” – Renee

“I liked that I could take this course virtually and work it around my schedule; it’s harder to take a break from life if have to go somewhere.” – Rebecca A.

12-Day McDougall Program

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