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The White Potato and the Law

Updated January 20, 2014

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Three years ago I discussed the issues of the US government banning one of the healthiest foods for humans, the white potato, in my book, The Starch Solution. You know, the book with a white potato on the cover.

This article from the WSJ explains how after all these years some action is being taken to correct health damaging information on potatoes.

(Please note I am not defending greasy French fries.)

This conflict over the potato shows how backwards ideas can become when money is at stake: the animal foods industries want all of the space they can buy inside of your stomach – the potato is a serious competitor with tri-tip for that real estate.

When it comes to profits there are no limits placed on lying (all is fair in love, war, and food).

Consider how industry can successfully teach doctors, dietitians, scientists, and laymen that:

1) People must eat meat and other animal foods for protein — but there has never been a case of protein deficiency reported on any natural diet (even those with no animal foods) in all of history.

2) People must consume dairy for calcium — but no cases have ever been reported of calcium deficiency on any natural diet – and most people who have lived on planet Earth have never tasted milk after weaning.

3) People must eat fish to get omega-3 fats – but only plants can make omega-3 fats, no fish or other animal can make these kinds of essential fats. Plants are loaded with omega-3 fats and they are safe to eat; whereas, fish are unhealthy to eat for many reasons, including their environmental pollution levels.

4) People should avoid white potatoes because they are fattening and empty calories — but the potato has served as the pillars of nutrition for billions of powerful, handsome people throughout history.

Therefore, it is important for consumers to understand that money is the biggest card in play even in matters of life and death for your loved ones. (This is not a conspiracy – just business at its worst.)

John McDougall, MD