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Streaming Health!

Updated March 24, 2020

Jeff Novick, MS, RDN


In the current coronavirus pandemic, many of us are finding ourselves at home with some time on our hands. We may be in an area where we have been asked to practice social distancing and/or to shelter in place. This could be a good time to watch a few health-promoting videos and clips from my lectures. Take some time to stream these videos that you will not only find educational but also entertaining.

1) Understanding a few simple concepts about calorie density is one of the keys to safe and permanent weight loss. In this full 80-minute talk, you will learn why choosing the wrong kinds of foods is a major contributing factor to the obesity epidemic. You will also learn simple instructions that will help you reach your goal weight and live a long and healthy life. Calorie Density: How to Eat More, Weigh Less and Live Longer

2) Trying to understand food labels and all their claims can be very difficult and confusing. In this video clip, Should I Eat That?, learn a few simple steps to help you understand the food label.

3) Could a soup labeled 99% fat free actually be 22% fat? Find out in the video clip, Labeling Lies: When 99% Fat Free Isn’t.

4) Finding out that something labeled 99% fat free really isn’t what it claims is bad enough. But could something labeled 100% Fat Free be really pure fat? Check out the video clip, Labeling Lies: When 100% Fat Free Isn’t.

5) Packaged and boxed cereals are one of the most popular breakfast foods. Many of them even make health claims. But are any of them really healthy? Find out in the video clip, Are There Any Healthy Cereals?

6) Many people see soy sauce and similar products like lite soy sauce, tamari, Bragg’s aminos, as a healthy alternative to salt. But is it? Find out in the video clip, Soy Sauce & It’s Alternatives.

7) Kale has become a super food and has been added to almost everything. Are all these kale-based and kale-laden foods healthy? You may be surprised. Check out this video clip, Avoid This Kale!

8) Fruit juice is often seen as a health food. But is it? Or can it be as bad as a sugar-sweetened soda? Find out in this video clip, Is Fruit Juice Worse Than Some Colas?

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