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Steps to Recovery – Free Program

Now that I’ve outlined the many reasons to give the McDougall Program a try, let me explain the specifics of how to put it into practice. This section will contain lists of foods that you can and can’t eat on the program, the benefits of exercise, how to track your progress, measurements to take before you get started, and practical ways to prepare for your journey into health.

The only way to regain your health is to stop consuming the various poisons in your diet and start eating foods that are rich in all the vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals and fiber your body requires. Only by eating plant foods can you ensure that your body will get all the nutrition it needs.

The McDougall Diet is based on unrefined starches – this means starches are the foods you will eat most. To this centerpiece you will add fresh or frozen fruits and vegetables. Simplicity has great value and makes the diet easy to prepare. There is no requirement for great variety to assure nutritional adequacy. The foods are complete long before they reach the table.