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Before You Begin the Free McDougall Program

The instructional material that follows offers you an opportunity to rediscover your health and appearance. Diet, however, is powerful medicine – if you’re seriously ill or on medication, don’t make a dramatic dietary change (or start an intense exercise program) without the care of a physician who knows about nutrition and its effects on health. Never change medications without professional advice and, if appropriate, share this message with your doctor.

The McDougall Program is a starch-based diet (potatoes, sweet potatoes, rice, etc.) with the addition of either fresh or frozen fruits and vegetables and avoids all added oils. If you follow the diet strictly for more than three years, or if you are pregnant or nursing, take a minimum of 5 micrograms (mcg) of supplemental vitamin B12 each day.

This comprehensive Free Program has the power to change your life. In addition, we encourage you to explore the rest of the McDougall web site and the McDougall books to discover over 2200 healthy recipes. Our McDougall videos provide another helpful and inexpensive way to get started. Finally, the McDougall Health Center offers full-immersion programs for those most serious about changing their health and medical care. Our 12-Day McDougall Program features personal medical care by Dr. Anthony Lim, Medical Director of the McDougall Program in a controlled and comfortable environment to help you make rapid progress, become less dependent or completely medication-free, feel great, look great, and achieve excellent health.