Josh: Lost 100+ Pounds & Kept His Cholesterol Under 120

Updated December 15, 2016

Josh Meyer lost over 100 pounds and has kept his cholesterol under 120.

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Josh – Before and After

After Halloween 2015, I stepped on the scale and hit 310 lbs.  I had always struggled with my weight, and once I left the military, I completely gave up.  I used to tell everyone that I get to be “overweight and happy” now that I don’t need to worry about my weight!  I ate whatever I wanted to, and quickly packed on what would end up being 100lbs. I tried many fad diets, and had officially given up.  I was tired of being hungry all the time, and exercise hurt when I tried.  Being overweight and happy quickly turned in to being overweight and “sick”.

Last November, I had the opportunity to participate in the CenturyLink employee health immersion program with Dr. McDougall in Santa Rosa, California.  When I first received the invitation to the program, I had no interest in going.  After all, there was no way this Nebraska boy was going to go without eating meat.  After having a serious conversation with my wife about the opportunity; I decided it was worth a shot.  If nothing else, I could come home with some ideas about how to live a healthier life.  To be honest, I took it as a challenge to not eat meat or dairy for a week to see how it would go.

My initial goal was to complete 30 days on a whole food plant based diet, and to give it a fair chance.  I went to the program with an open mind to new ideas, and came home with a plan!  30 days turned to 60, and I quickly found myself down forty pounds without being hungry.  My new found energy level had me exercising because I wanted to, and not because I thought I needed to.

In the last year, I have completely adopted a whole food plant based diet.  I have officially lost 105lbs; and my total Cholesterol has stayed under 120.  My blood sugar and blood pressure are normal, and I have not had a single incident of heartburn or indigestion.  I have been able to pack away my CPAP machine for good, and have not been sick at all!

I am truly thankful that CenturyLink provided me the opportunity to go to this program.  I am truly grateful of Dr. McDougall, his staff, and the many friends I have made to help provide support and encouragement over the past year.  This program has changed my life in so many ways, and I wish everyone else the best of health along this journey.  Dr. McDougall has always said “It’s the food”…..This Corn-Fed Nebraska boy would have to agree.

Josh Meyer