Newsletter Subject Index 2006-2007

Updated November 14, 2013

January 2006

  • Aging in Style— Maybe to 100 with sensible care
  • You’ll Get the Truth Only If There Is Money To Be Made—Heart Surgery
  • Costa Rica McDougall Adventure 2006

February 2006

  • Moderation Is Impossible for Passionate People
  • Readers’ Responses to the “Low-fat Diet Failure” News
  • Report on the February 2006 Advanced Study Weekend

March 2006

  • How Foul Is Fowl?
  • My Favorite 5 Articles Found in Recent Medical JournalsHigh Protein Diets Harmful and Unnecessary for Endurance AthletesPlavix Fails Heart Patients and Causes BleedingDiabetic Pills Kill

    Drugs Fail for Depression

    Bragging Rights for Prostate Surgeons

April 2006

  • Securing Respectful Medical Care
  • Non-stick Pots and Pans: Are They Safe?

May 2006

  • Report on the American College of Lifestyle Medicine (ACLM) Meeting, May 23 to 26, 2006
  • The Newest Food-Cure: Coconut Oil for Health and Vitality

June 2006

  • Mary’s Mini-McDougall Diet
  • Gout Is on the Rise

July 2006

  • Glycemic Index – Not Ready for Prime Time
  • More on Mary’s Mini-McDougall Diet
  • Report on the Celebrity Chef Weekend of July 14 to 16, 2006

August 2006

  • Taking Advantage of the Medical Specialist
  • Favorite
    Five for August 2006

    Vegan Diet Benefits Diabetes

    Pomegranate Juice Benefits Prostate Cancer Patients

    Overtreating Blood Pressure Kills

    Diet Failure”—Good News about Bad Habits

    Avocados or Oils to Salads Aids Absorption of Nutrients—More
    Good News about Bad Habits

September 2006

  • Sugar, Coated with Myths
  • The
    Angioplasty Debacle

October 2006

  • Refined Carbohydrates for Food Addicts
  • Fish: Alternative to a Rock and a Hard Place
  • Report on the September 2006 Advanced Study Weekend

November 2006

  • Artificial Sweeteners Are Unnecessary and Unwise
  • Favorite Five: Vegetables Will Save Your MindCalcium Does Not Benefit ChildrenResearch Fails to Support Flu Shot’s ValueCow’s Milk Promotes Acne

    Review of the Evidence that Diet Causes Autism

December 2006

  • An Inconvenient Truth: We Are Eating Our Planet To Death
  • Global Warming Strategy by Noam Mohr
  • Favorite Five My favorite articles found in recent
    medical journalsLow-fat, Plant-food Diet Slows Breast CancerMammograms Fail Women from Age 40 YearsRaw Food Vegetarian Diet Protects Us from Cancer

    Low-carb, High-protein Diets Reduce Survival

  • Herbal Valerian for Sleep
  • Comments on new McDougall Made Easy DVD
January 2007

  • Human Health and Planet Health—Same Solution
  • Favorite FiveThe Food Industry Buys Nutrition
    Research—Threatening Your Family’s HealthHow Long to Take Plavix and Aspirin after a DES (Heart
    Angioplasty Stent)Ear Tubes—Another Money Maker’s Benefits DisprovedAntacids Promote Hip Fractures

    Complications Are Common from Colonoscopy

  • Responses to the December 2006 McDougall Newsletter on
    Global Warming

February 2007

  • When Friends Ask:
  • Where Do You Get Your Calcium?
  • Disease Mongering:
  • New Women’s Guidelines for Heart Disease
  • Report on February 2007 Advanced Study Weekend

March 2007

  • When Friends Ask: “Why Don’t You Drink Milk?”
  • Defending the McDougall Diet—If I MustVegans Have
    More FracturesAtkins Is Better Than Ornish, Stanford Study SaysFish Is Now Health Food for Pregnant Women
  • Report on the “Amazing” Costa Rica Trip

April 2007

  • When Friends Ask: Where do you get your protein?
  • Favorite Five: People Don’t Lose Weight on Diets
    Because They CheatAngioplasty Fails Again and Again (8 out of 8 times)Vitamin Supplements KillSalt Restriction May Be Good for the Heart

    Cured Meat Hurts the Lungs

May 2007

  • When Friends Ask: “Why Did You Quit Meat?”
  • Who Should Take Statins?
  • Update on “Death by Veganism” by Nina Planck

June 2007

  • Confessions of a Fish Killer
  • Save Your Kidneys—Part 1—The Hard Way, with Medications
  • “Death by Veganism” Begins Its Slow Demise

July 2007

  • Rich Diet Is Child Neglect and Responsible People Need
    to Act
  • Save Your Kidneys—Part 2—Diet and Kidney Health
  • Study Fails to Show Benefits of Fruits and Veggies for
    Breast Cancer Patients – Women are Blamed, but the
    Investigators Were at Fault

August 2007

  • When Friends Ask: Why Do You Avoid Adding Vegetable
  • Favorite Five

    Sex and Still Aging

    Colon Cancer Patients Die Faster with Western Diet

    Birth Defects from Mother’s Western Diet

    Antacids Cause Dementia

    Drug Companies Rig Research—I Don’t Know How to Prescribe

  • Dr. McDougall’s response to: Looking Past Blood Sugar to
    Survive with Diabetes by Gina Kolata in the August 20, 2007
    New York Times

September 2007

  • Low Vitamin D: One Sign of Sunlight Deficiency
  • If I Could Be Your Doctor, I Would Love to Tell You How:
    To Lose Excess Weight Effortlessly, Painlessly, and
  • Advanced Study Weekend September 7 to 9, 2007

October 2007

  • Everyone Is Fiddling as California Burns
  • If I Could Be Your Doctor, I Would Love to Tell You How:
    To Keep Your Arteries Clean and Reverse Atherosclerosis
  • Favorite Five Articles from Recent Medical Journals
  • Just Released – New DVD – McDougall Made IrresistibleHoliday Meal Planning

November 2007

  • Vitamin B12 Deficiency—the Meat-eaters’ Last Stand
  • One-pot Meal Favorites
  • Our Newest DVD—McDougall Made Irresistible:
Our Biggest
    Hit Ever

December 2007

  • To Juice or Not to Juice? What’s A Bottle of Magic
  • Easy Meal Favorites