McDougall’s Medicine: Fighting the Big Fat Lies with Fad-free Truth


The financial interests of the dairy, pharmaceutical and meat industries undermine the health and happiness of you and your family. Become informed and learn how to reverse common diseases with diet versus drugs.

John McDougall, MD covers:

  • “Diet vs. Drugs”
  • “Molecules of Life”
  • “Marketing Milk and Disease” Part One & Two
  • “Meat in the Human Diet”
  • “More Than You Ever Wanted To Know About Your Intestines”
  • “The Low Carb Craze”
    (Approximately 8 hours)

Mary McDougall covers:

  • “Reading Between the Lines – Smart Label Reading”
  • “Fail-safe Beginning: Planning Your Healthy Kitchen”
    (Approximately 2.5 hours)
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Primary Speaker:

John McDougall, MD

Product Format:

Download, DVD (Shipped)