McDougall Made Irresistible


Mary makes 14 delicious recipes that are consistent family and guest pleasers. Also included are 14 medical lessons on type 2 diabetes, statins and cholesterol, arthritis, children and pregnancy, aging gracefully and more.

In her kitchen, Mary McDougall makes these delicious recipes:

  • Breakfast: No Huevos Rancheros, Veggie Benedicts and Pumpkin Muffins
  • Lunch: McVeggie Burgers, Falafels with Tahini and Hummus, Quinoa, Dal, Potato and Split Pea Soups
  • Dips and Sauces: Tofu Dips and Artichoke Spread, Walnut Sauce and Peanut Dressing
  • Dinner: Baked Penne Florentine, Easy Mayan Black Beans, Creamy Pasta Primavera, Thai Green Curry Rice
  • Desserts: Lemon and Chocolate Puddings
    Click here to download a PDF version of the recipes covered.

John McDougall, MD provides the latest information on medical topics:

  • Type-2 Diabetes
  • Statins and Cholesterol
  • Hypertension
  • Arthritis (Rheumatoid Arthritis)
  • Atherosclerosis (Hearing Loss to Impotence)
  • Osteoporosis and Osteopenia
  • Body Odor
  • Angioplasty and Heart Disease
  • Children and Pregnancy
  • How Dr. McDougall Prescribes
  • Foods Calm the Intestines
  • Aging Gracefully
  • Coconut, yes! Oils, no!
  • How Moderation Is Impossible
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John McDougall, MD

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