September 2008

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Vol. 8, No. 2

John McDougall, MD

Report from the February 20-22, 2009 Advanced
Study Weekend

Over 160 people attended this biannual McDougall event in Santa Rosa, California. As always the enthusiasm, education, food, and friendship were over the topófar greater than anyone expected.

Standing in the presence of T. Colin Campbell, PhD is almost a religious experience.  He got thundering ovations for his nutritional words of wisdom. Neil Nedley, MD gave two outstanding presentations, including information about his 10-day live-in program that treats depression with a 90% success rate. Pam Popper, PhD surprised and excited the audience with her experiences with the politics of nutrition and information on school lunch programs. Doug Lisle, PhD, Jeff Novick, RD, and John McDougall, MD provided their usual high quality entertaining information for the attendees.

Donít miss our next advanced study weekend to be held September 11 to 13, 2009 in Santa Rosa, CA. Guest speakers so far will be Robert Pritikin, former director of the Pritikin Program in California, Jane Hightower, MD, author of Diagnosis: Mercury: Money, Politics, and Poison, and Luigi Fontana, MD, PhD, Division of Geriatrics and Nutritional Sciences, Center of Human Nutrition, Washington University, who will talk about aging and a healthy diet.

If you are interested in learning the McDougall Program or enhancing your enthusiasm about diet from the McDougall staff, then attend our next 5-day Program, April 15 to 19, 2009 (no medical care).  And remember, when you are ready to get serious about recovering your lost health and stopping all unnecessary medications, the 10-day program is the place to be.  Here Dr. McDougall will personally care for you.  The next programs begin March 27th and May 15th. Also consider having some high quality fun with us on the July 8 to 15, 2009 Costa Rica Adventure.


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Unsolicited Comments about the February 20 to 22, 2009 Advanced Study Weekend

I really enjoyed the weekend, as I was able to bring my friend Don Robins.   After years of me telling him about everything he finally got it.  Saturday night walking back to the room he turned to me and said, "It's so clear, isn't it.  It's just really clear.  I get it now." SH

Thank you for an enriching and inspiring weekend.  Dr. Nedley was very impressive. Even though he managed to sneak in a few Bible verses and even Mrs. White - I did not find it offensive. I didn't realize that Dr. Campbell was such a towering presence in nutritional circles. He certainly added gravitas to the occasion. AK

I so enjoyed the weekend and getting jazzed again.  What great speakers, food, and just plain fun!  Thank you and Mary...and I will say Tiffany is a jewel.  My friend, Cindy, loved the weekend and was so impressed with you.  She is the one that bought me your book when I was so ill two years ago.  BB

I donít know how you do it; you keep raising the bar! Once again I have to say this was the best Advanced Study Weekend yet! What an opportunity to hear the best of the best: the top nutrition researcher in the world, probably the most knowledgeable dietitian, a world-class mental health expert, and a terrific activist/lobbyist for better health. Youíre not going to top this one, but then Iíve said that before. I took your challenge and attempted to gain weight over the weekend. After gorging on three delicious meals a day plus snacks between meals, I was amazed to find out I LOST two pounds! Canít wait till September and the next Advanced Study Weekend. BW

First, it was really great seeing you and Mary and the kids and everyone.....and thanks for another great "booster shot".  Dr. Nedley was really interesting and Dr. Campbell is one of my heroes, after you of course. I especially liked the presentation on what you would do as Surgeon General. I have one thing to add that I think would go a long way to solving the health crisis in this country......I would require every restaurant,  especially fast food places and chains like Applebee's, to offer at least one equally appetizing healthy menu item in each category of their menu.  I would require that it be equally priced and served.  I would also require equal advertising for that item. OE

It was a great weekend!  Thank you.  I have missed attending the Advanced Study Weekends...  I would love to stay better connected with this community/support group. AB

It was a great pleasure to finally meet you and Mary.  Duane and I had a wonderful time, learned a lot and reinforced previously heard information.  Also, opened up new avenues of interest with the information from Neil Nedley, Pam Popper, Douglas Lisle and Jason Wyrick Ė all whom we hadnít met yet.  Of course, add in T. Colin Campbell and Jeff Novick, already favorites, makes your program and our list of favorites very impressive. That was the first seminar of full days of lectures that I have been to and was able to maintain alertness, attentiveness and energy backed up with the delicious food prepared by Maryís and your instructions.  We did not go hungry on any account.  We are looking forward to return for another session when the opportunity presents itself. BM

We'd like to thank you again for a wonderful weekend.  It was BY FAR the best so far. They're all good, of course, but this one was absolutely superior.  The food just keeps getting better and better, and the speakers, especially Dr. Nedley, were riveting.  Dr. Campbell's book (we got 3 copies) is enthralling. Dr. Nedley has me convinced to investigate his residential program.  I really don't want to take prozac the rest of my life. Pam Popper is very energetic and aggressive and we'd like to have her on our side in a dispute!  Your "regulars," Jason, Doug and Jeff, were interesting as usual.  Hope I didn't miss anyone. We enjoyed our weekend in Santa Rosa very much.  Learned a lot and now I think I know what I have been doing that has kept me from progressing with the weight loss.  Maybe by this time nextyear, I'll be a STAR!  You'll be the first to know! BB

It went too fast for me to take notes.  Are there CD's of Jeff's talks?  Enjoyed the Oklahoma internist (Nedley).  Lots of new-to-me ideas. I'm listening more to our classical records and less to Ella - altho' I'll never give up Ella totally.  I want to BE Ella.  Except for the weight.  And the fact that she's dead. JH

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