March 2007    
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Report on the “Amazing” Costa Rica Trip




When people try to describe their time with us this past February 2007 on the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica most exclaim “amazing.” Arranging such a diversity of experiences would be beyond the wildest dreams for most people. Travelers found themselves face to face with giant mantas, whales, tropical fish, bats, iguanas, butterflies, and a variety of monkeys while river rafting,horseback riding, wagon riding, kayaking, motor boating, walking, and swinging through the treetops—all in 7 days.  Plus, they were not once confronted with “the food challenge.”


I am always overwhelmed by how we are able to attract such nice people every time we travel.  They are not only kind to Mary and me, but they are very friendly with each other at mealtimes and on the adventures every day.  My guess is that this much fun and adventure brings out the best in people.


Let them tell you in their own words about their trip: 2007 and 2006.


Since we have been having similar successes over the past 10 years, taking over 1000 people to the same destination, there is every reason to believe we will be able to put on another winner this July 11 to 18.  For more information go to this section of our web site: [Link] and write to Carol (she was on the February 2007 trip) at or call and talk to her personally at (800) 941-7111 or (616) 874-8155.


For more information visit the McDougall Adventure section of our website.


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