January 2006

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Vol. 5, No. 1   

Costa Rica McDougall Adventure 2006

Our next McDougall Adventure trip to Costa Rica is August 2 to 9, 2006.  The weather at this time of the year is some of the best we have found—relatively cool and little rain. The countryside is lush and green with vegetation and the animals are everywhere. This will be our 6th trip to this same location.  We have rented the entire El Ocotal Resort on the Pacific Coast.

See https://www.drmcdougall.com/adventures/costa_rica03/ for pictures and evaluations written by previous travelers.

You can fly directly into Liberia International Airport (LIR) which is 15 minutes from the hotel. (An option to fly into San Jose (SJO) will be available with free transportation to the hotel and a 5-hour sightseeing trip.)  We have a special airfare from Oakland (OAK) to Liberia for $629 on a charter, Suntrips.  Continental and Delta have frequent flights to Liberia from all over the country.  Right now I find airfares into San Jose for $518.  We expect this trip to fill up quickly.  The cost is $1935 pp (double occupancy) which includes hotel, meals, adventures, and a great time.  You must arrange your own airfare.  A $500 deposit pp will be required by March 1, 2006.

Contact us at: office@drmcdougall.com or call Carol at (800) 941-7111; (616) 874-8155

Costa Rica is Our Favorite Travel Destination – Safe, Fun, and Convenient

Costa Rica is a premier destination for travelers from around the world.  Over the past 12 years we have taken eight groups to this ecological paradise.  Approximately half the people traveling with us have been on a previous McDougall trip and some of them have been all eight times with us to Costa Rica – for two important reasons: they love this trip and traveling with us.  Personally, our family has traveled there over 25 times and the reason we keep going back is this is the best destination for the dollar.  Costa Rica is a politically stable country with a very low risk of the problems too often seen in this troubled world.

The Best Value for Your Travel Dollar

The cost for a luxury resort on the beach with all meals and all adventure tours provided would be enough to justify spending $1935 per person – and feel you spent your money wisely.  This trip is a special value because of the quality of the food, guides, and education (see the following reasons).  Compare similar trips and you will be spending $2000 to $3500 and get much less.

No Worries about the Food – Delicious Low-fat and Pure Vegetarian

We have trained the chefs to cook the foods and they present your meals with professional pride.  This cuisine is unique because native Costa Rican fruits and vegetables are used to create delicious and healthy “local” dishes.  Each evening meal consists of a buffet spread across three walls.  The “tortilla lady” prepares handmade corn tortillas for you for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  The desserts are memorable and plentiful.  Many of the lunches you will enjoy are provided by countryside restaurants located at the adventure sites. 

On the typical cruise the average weight gain is 8 pounds in 7 days – you may have heard that figure.  But not on this trip – with us you are very likely to lose weight and will definitely return healthier. Coffee is served each morning (for those in need) and alcoholic beverages are available from the bar (charges for these drinks are not included in this package).

If members of your party are resistant to a week of vegetarian foods, reassure them that there are several fine dining opportunities available.  However, our experience has been that even children unaccustomed to being without their junk food are eating with us within two to three days – and receiving a life-changing education as a side benefit.

“The Best” of Costa Rica from the Same Location - Without Changing Rooms

We have your week planned so that you will see the natural wonders of Costa Rica from one centrally located resort.  Our destination – the Northwest section of Costa Rica – is the most interesting section of this entire country – with the most exotic birds, animals and plants – terrain varying from ocean to rain forest.  Each day you will travel to close-by adventures in a comfortable bus with a small group of people and an official guide.  This means you spend your time enjoying yourself – not packing and unpacking, transferring, and re-registering.  The convenience of this trip is especially appreciated by families with children. 

Most of You Will Be Able to Fly Direct

There are many nonstop flights to Liberia International Airport (LIR) located 15 minutes from the resort.  In most instances customs is a breeze at this small airport.  Your plane will be met by our guides and you will be transferred with little delay. 

High Quality Adventures and Local Entertainment

Each day you will travel with a small group of people and an English speaking official Costa Rican guide to a different adventure. These activities can challenge you.  There is horseback riding and/or wagon rides in the rain forest, kayaking, snorkeling, rafting, hiking, bird watching and canopy tours (see below). Regardless of your fitness level, you will have fun and get some much appreciated exercise.  You can repeat adventures as often as you like or just relax around the resort.  If you are looking for “tourist traps” to shop for souvenirs, you should find another trip.  There will be only a few opportunities to buy high quality local items and post cards, because you will be too busy interacting with the scenery, people, animals, and plants.

Each evening we have local musicians and dancers entertaining you at the resort.  These talented local people provide a cultural experience you will not find anywhere else.

Five Days of Adventure 

Tree-Top Tour:  A canopy tour through the tree tops where you will have a close look at the wildlife. Seventeen cables zip you over miles of scenic rain forest.  You will also visit the butterfly farm.

River Tour:  You will travel in a rubber dinghy, steered by your oarsman and guide, down the class 1 to 2 rapids of the Corobici River.  On our planning trip we saw over 200 monkeys, 100 bats, 75 iguanas, and 1 crocodile. Afterwards, you will go to the Native Cat Park where you will stand inches from Costa Rican cats, like Jaguars and bobcats, separated only by one layer of cyclone fence.

Ranch Tour:  Near the Nicaragua border is the Los Inocentes Lodge and Ranch.  Here you will either ride a gentle, but high-quality horse, or take a tractor-pulled wagon into the rain forest to see many varieties of monkeys, sloth, iguanas, and birds.  While I was at the ranch restaurant, two Toucans landed within 2 feet of me and I petted one’s foot before he flew off.  Two Scarlet macaws played at our feet.  You will get a close up look at wildlife like you never have before.  

Tamarindo Town and Estuary Trip:  You can take a guided kayak trip out on the ocean or go by yourself up the river on kayaks to see the wildlife.  At the beautiful beaches that front the town of Tamarindo, you will have a chance to swim and play in the waves.  This is one of the best surfing destinations in the world and is great for boogie boarding.  Horseback riding on the beach and into the rain forest is offered, too.

Ocean and Beach Tour:  Twin-engine, covered boats will take you along the coast to isolated beaches.  You may see seabirds, dolphins and sea turtles.  Stops will be made for snorkeling and swimming.  These clear Pacific waters are filled with some of the biggest and most interesting animal life.  The water is warm and calm.  Daily guided snorkeling is offered.

Relaxing, Nature Hikes, Beach Strolls and Do What You Please:  There is every reason to miss one or more of the above adventures, because you are in one of the world’s most beautiful destinations.  You can also repeat any of the above adventures as often as you like from Thursday to Monday.

We Have the Best Guides in Costa Rica

Our familiarity with the people of Costa Rica has afforded us the opportunity to know the most qualified official guides in Costa Rica and we have hand picked the best to serve you during this trip.   All are fluent in English, well-educated, experienced, and fun to be with.  These important people will become a big part of your vacation memories.

We Attract Interesting People – You Will Make Long-lasting Friends Quickly

Have you been on a trip lately where you made friends?  That’s a lot to expect.  However, because interesting, out-going people with common health goals travel with us, you will find yourself enjoying the company of like-minded people within minutes of your arrival.  This is a unique experience in companionship.

You Will Enjoy the Most Comfortable Season in Central America

Many people mistakenly think travel to Costa Rica in early August will be unbearably hot and humid.  Actually, that’s Miami and Atlanta you are thinking about – because the sun is overhead these cities in July – and far north of our resort.   The air temperatures are in the mid-eighties and the skies are sunny with a refreshing, but short, afternoon shower on some days.  The water temperature is in the mid seventies.

Dr. McDougall will be providing $50,000 worth of education

Well, it could be worth that much money if you are considering bypass surgery rather than this vacation.  How much value do you place on your health? On your mobility?   On your family’s health?  The information provided by Dr. McDougall’s nightly lectures could easily save your life – not to mention your life-savings.  Plus, there is plenty of time to talk to John and Mary personally – they are at the resort the entire week – and very approachable.


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