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Happy Holidays from Dr. McDougall:
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Mary’s Mini-McDougall Diet® Mini-Course 

Mary’s Mini-McDougall Diet® is a simple starch-based weight loss program.

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Learn the definitive version of Mary’s Mini-McDougall Diet® from the creators, Dr. John and Mary McDougall.

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This is a trimmed-down, fast-acting modification of the regular McDougall diet: it is starch-based with the addition of non-starchy vegetables.

This diet is a simplified tool for people overwhelmed by the initial challenges of starting on the McDougall program and/or boosting their progress when they feel that changes are coming too slowly.

Mary’s Mini-McDougall Diet® is a nutritionally sound program that you may want to follow for a long time, if not a lifetime.


  • Reset your weight loss journey and get back on track with healthy eating without counting calories or eating at specific times of the day
  • Curb sugar and high-fat cravings
  • Learn an easy way to start the regular McDougall diet
  • Get answers directly from the McDougall team as questions come up (within the online mini-course)

Plus so much more!

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“Mary’s Mini PDF is a perfect visual full of excellent information! The chart is very simple and easy to follow! Thank you for this course and the great Q&A Session!” – Kimberly E.