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The Lost Lectures from Nathan Pritikin

Updated October 21, 2014

Listen to this series of audio lectures by Nathan Pritikin, Dr. McDougall’s most important mentor from the 1970s.

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Download and play in your car. Share with friends. The information is more timely than ever.

These lectures changed my (Dr. McDougall’s) life. During my final year of Internal Medicine Residency at the University of Hawaii in 1978 I was given this set of audiotape lectures. I felt a sense of relief as I listened and realized someone else had come to similar conclusions to those that I had reached during my time as a sugar plantation doctor on the Big Island of Hawaii between 1973 and 1976. Unfortunately, this world-changing information has been lost until now.

Also see the February 2013 McDougall Newsletter for more on Mr. Pritikin and a landmark video interview by Dr. McDougall, and Nathan Pritikin: A Review of Medical Literature on Relationships of Various Degenerative Diseases to Diet and Activity

Eight-part audio series

1. The history of my interest in good health (download)

2: Diet and degenerative disease (download)

3: Cholesterol, smoking, blood pressure and excess weight (download)

4: Angina and high blood pressure (download)

5: Exercise, controlling diabetes (download)

6: Cancer and diet (download)

7: Lippotoxemia, nutrition and degenerative disease (download)

8: Arthritis, kidney stones, gallstones and diet. Hearing, eyesight and diet. Summary of the Pritikin Program. (download)