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Michael Jacobson, PhD (taped interview)

Updated June 2, 2014

Michael Jacobson, PhD

Michael Jacobson, PhD is one of the founders of the Center for Science in the Public Interest, which advocates for nutrition, health and food safety. The organization’s Nutrition Action Healthletter has over 900,000 public, industry and government subscribers in the United States and Canada. In this 1992 interview, Dr. McDougall talks to Dr. Jacobson about a variety of topics, including food irradiation, to which Jacobson states, “Using radioactivity to preserve foods is like using a sledgehammer to kill ants. We need to find alternatives.” Also discussed is food labeling, food additives, and the quality of fast foods. Jacobson got his start in nutrition after earning his PhD in microbiology and taking a job as an intern for Ralph Nader.

Note: This taped interview from “Your Good Health” (5/19/92), hosted by Dr. McDougall has been edited. Any contact information provided during the interviews should be confirmed first since it may have changed since the original taping.

Download Michael Jacobson, PhD (taped interview) – Duration: 39:21